100 Stellar Negs That Will Spark Primitive Attraction In A Woman

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Ok, this is it. It’s THE list. Negs are one of my favorite things to say to women because they are bad-ass. Because women respond to them. Because they just WORK. If you know how to say them and how not to abuse them.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the negs I could remember from my hundreds of approaches and a few more that I heard from friends. No point in chit-chatting about what negging is and how it should work, that’s subject to a future article. Let’s dive right into this really long list.

1. You blink a lot!


You: Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?

Her: No.

You: Oh, well that’s okay. I don’t mind lying if it will get me somewhere. (Kino her and give her a real sly smile, maybe a wink)

credits: Mystery


Your pretty face doesn’t match that nasty attitude!


My god you’re adorable! You’re so small, you’re like a real-life doll!


I wish you were brunette. I’m taking a break from blondes for a while.


Do you always talk this much?


Aww that’s cute… your nose wiggles when you laugh.


Eww you spit on me! (Brush off your face).

I like your eyes, especially the left one.

Weren’t you wearing this dress the last time you were here?

Excuse me may I finish my sentence first?

ME: [looking disapprovingly at her head] Doing your hair like that is only going to attract the wrong kind of guy.
GIRL: [if she’s cool and witty] Are you saying you’re the wrong kind of guy?
ME: Since I noticed that hairstyle, I must be.

credits: heartiste.wordpress.com


[after girl bumps into you] Hey, if you wanted to meet me, you could just say Hi.


[also after a girl bumps into you]: Nice shot!


Hey, buddy!


You have beautiful eyes. Can I touch them?

16. Use this one on really hot girls that also dress hot. If she’s dressed average, you might as well slap yourself and get it over with.

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I love that top/dress. It’s really cool how it matches/complements the rest of your outfit. In fact… I remember I saw the exact same top/dress in that popular second hand store downtown. It still looks great, though.


You:You know, come to think of it… I just don’t think we are right for each-other.

Her: Why not?

I just think you’re too much of a nice girl for me. You’re too good to me, that’s it!


Hmmm.. Is that an Adam’s apple? (Try to take a closer look at it) Oh, I guess not.


I gotta be honest here. When I first saw you you looked like the biggest bitch in the club… but now that I got to know you, you’re actually a really cool person.


Her: I’m not going to sleep with you.

You: That’s great! I didn’t have the heart to tell you that but all I want is to have a normal, decent conversation for once. Don’t worry, the sea is full of fish for the both of us, we’ll both have no trouble at all finding someone.


Wow your shoes are nice… and those heels are really tall and hot. What are you, like 4’3″ without them.


Hey, here’s a fun fact about guys I wanted to share with you. After each beer, 10 ugly women walk out form the club and go home. Now, I’m wondering what you’re still doing here since I already drank 5 beers.


[When talking with a group of girls] Wow, your girlfriends can sure dress you up. They did an awesome job picking those clothes for you! 🙂


What’s in that big purse of yours, weapons of mass destruction?

credits: puaforums.com


That’s a big purse. Are you going to the airport after this.

credits: puaforums.com


[after she playfully hits you] Has anyone anyone ever told you you hit like a girl?


You know who you remind me of? A friend of mine who’s kind of dorky… You two have the same look in the eye. Maybe I should introduce you to him, you’d make a sweet couple.


[if she has a boyfriend] Wow, you have really long legs. Awesome! Is your boyfriend’s name Dexter or something?


Love the skirt, remember how popular that was 2 years ago?


You’re pretty cute but this is XXX City… there’s a hot girl walking past me every 2 minutes.


You are so cute especially for someone who’s half human, half bunny rabbit. But it’s cool. I like bunny rabbits.


Excuse me for asking but are you a tourist? You look a little disoriented and I just had to ask.


You know, you’re really cute, did you know that? Well not like cute-cute, more like puppy-cute. [gently stroke the top of her head]


Hey, isn’t it past your bed time, what are you doing in the club this time of the night?


Do your parents know you’re here in the club? I should give them a call, what’s their number?


Hey, you did your best to look good tonight. Congrats for trying!


[if she interrupts you or moves around from place to place] You can’t sit still for one single minute, can you? Her: No. You: Do you have A.D.D.?


I’ve eaten girls like you for breakfast.


Oh my god! Jeez! I almost freaked out. For a moment there I thought you had a penis in your pants. Must be the lighting in here or something.


I think I have an allergic reaction to your perfume. [fake sneeze] Are you using one of those pheromone perfumes to attract guys?


Hey, nice elbows.


I really like your eyes… especially the left one.


[girl approaches you] Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you everything.


I like the way you give up fashion for comfort.


You girls need to get her out more and break her out of her shell.


Hey, nice dress! My grandma had one jut like that one.


That’s a cute plastic watch! Where’d you get that Rolex anyway?


[Just hang up the phone. Make sure you have rapport first and that she’s interested in you or she won’t call back]


Hey, I’m giving you a 10! No wait… You’re a 7.

What’s wrong? 7’s great! Nobody’s perfect…


[when she tries to say something funny]

Wow, that’s funny! Did you come up with that all by yourself?


That’s an awesome perfume/dress/top. My grandma wears that and she picks up old men like crazy. You two should meet!


You look nervous. Do you have an exam tomorrow or something?


You’re the fourth girl tonight that I’ve seen wearing that sexy top. I’m calling you number four!

credits: theattractionforums.com


You: “Nice earrings, they look like bracelets…”
Her: “No they don’t!”
You: “Try them on”


[when walking down the street, make long eye contact with girl and, just as she walks by, say] What?


[when her phone rings and the phone is in her pocket] Your ass is ringing.


SO, are you a bitch with everybody or just with people that are cooler than you?


OK, I gotta be honest here… you’re not my type but I can see why other guys would find you attractive.


You: Do you think it would be rude of me to ask you your age?
Her: Yes.
You: How much do you weight?


I really like your perfume but just how much did you put on? (How many puffs?)


You have really nice eyes. Hey, are those contacts? I knew it!


Is that a freckle/birth mark?


You’re such a dork! No wonder I’m attracted to you.


[use it when she trips or slips] Are you contact lens slipping again?


[Girl Working]
You: Busy today?
Her: Yea, really busy!
You: I can tell, your hair is all over the place


Hey, I don’t even know you and your already trying to seduce me with compliments… I’m not that easy, you know.


Wow i had to walk up and tell you, your stunning… Except for your shoes – they’re as old as shit…


Your teeth remind me of bugs bunny, they’re cute but they totally remind me of bugs bunny.

credits: Neil Strauss, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists


You are so easy to please…


You’re mumbling a lot.. I can’t understand a word you’re saying!


You’re pretty.. Are you an ex-model?


I wish you were brunette. I’m taking a break from blondes for a while.

credits: bestpuatraining.com


You know it really shows you’re working out…. every now and then.


You have something on your nose. [then point your finger to “try” and show her where it is]
Nah.. it’s right over there.. can’t you see it? No, a little more to the right. [get your finger closer and closer]


You really look stunning… must be the lighting or something.


[use with caution] Your hands are so soft… and gentle… like toilet paper.


I think you have something in your ear.


Her: You’re such a nerd.
You: Really? Do you always try to flirt with nerdy guys? Are they the best you can get?


Love the white dress but did you notice how it makes your belly stand out?


Who dressed you? And why do they hate you so much?

credits: Richard Morrell


Really nice top. I hear polyester is the hot fabric of the season this year…


Eww… your palms are sweaty


OK, now you’re back to square one with me.


Very nice acting. Did you rehearse all of this with all the wimps in the club cause you knew an ass-hole like me would eventually show up?


[say it seriously] You have a very interesting sense of humor…


You… you… brat! How can you say that to me?


You need to get out of the house more often.


I don’t think your parents have you enough attention as a child.


I don’t know who your last boyfriend was but he didn’t spank you hard enough.


You know, you’re turning out to be just like the little sister I’ve never had…


I think your dad was too kind with you as a kid and didn’t show enough authority. He probably never told you “Who’s your daddy?”


Well, at least you have a nice body.


Hey – I’m talking now – wait your turn.


I can see you work out…………occasionally.


Nice shoes. But I do feel sorry for the little elf you stole them from.


You seem way too nice for me……at least say fuck a couple of times so we can get out of the PG rated conversation

credits: http://www.pick-up-artist-forum.com/


You’re a very… very. very bad… bad bad bad girl!


I really dig your hair color.. although your roots are showing.


Wow, this is happening way too fast for me! Let’s try and take it slow for a while, ok? I’m kind of an old fashioned guy [grin on your face].


You are nearly as tall as me. I like tall girls. Are those heels 3 or 4 inches ?



Wow, look at you… you’re all fired up today, aren’t you! If I were one of those puppies that women like to make them buy $hit, I’d totally buy into what you’re saying. 🙂

What’s Next?

if the neg works, the last thing you want to do is back off. Keep making her laugh and, when you notice she’s ready and if the location allows it, start getting her aroused with your words.


10 thoughts on “100 Stellar Negs That Will Spark Primitive Attraction In A Woman

    • Not true. I know for a fact they work but it depends on how it’s done. If it feels like an outright insult to you then of course you won’t like it. However, a neg is not an insult and isn’t intended to be. I myself am just a regular guy but I used what might be considered a neg once on a woman who was a perfect ten. She became more interested and I probably could have gotten her number if my confidence level was higher. She actually was asking me questions which typically just doesn’t happen. I know first hand they work. However, they might not always be necessary. Sometimes just approaching the woman is good enough.

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