The 2012 Jaguars Will Make Your Jaw Drop [VIDEO]

I just couldn’t resist posting a few clips of the 2012 Jaguar cars.

As if the previous design wasn’t powerful enough. Just look at this introductory video where Design Director Ian Callum describes in detail all the little things they changed.

Let’s continue with a commercial of the 2012 Jaguar XF (470 HP Supercharge V8):

And another one with the Jaguar XFR, XKR-S and XJL Supersport 2012 models:

Here’s the 2012 Jaguar XKR-S ion more detail:

The commercials look nice and pretty because they’ve been made by the producing company. But let’s take a look at some unbiased opinions of knowledgeable people who actually put it to work:

Were you a jaguar fan before you landed on this page? if you weren’t, those videos probably got you thinking…

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On Getting One Night Stands

girl with cocktail in her hand

I‘ve never ever seen a guy who joined started playing “the game” who didn’t want all the one night stands he could get. It’s all right.. we’re guys… we’re programmed to sleep with as many women as possible.

Now I’m not going to give you the (boring) theory about why men love ONSs (that’s short for One Night Stands) and why women hate them (or at least say they do). I want to focus on GETTING THEM.

Step 1: The Mindset

I know that deep inside of you you’re looking for that one special girl that will love you for who you are and will laugh at every joke you make. But if you want ONSs, you have to let that go.

You have to get into the “sexual predator mode”.


Yep, that’s a T-Rex. You’re that T-Rex. You have to be.

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Accessories that are Changing the Game

accessorized guy in purple polo shirt

In the beginning there was a magician’s hat and a pair of goggles. Mystery, the man who brought the explosion of The Game (because he wasn’t really the first one) was wearing these eccentric accessories on his magic shows to get women’s phone numbers. He called this the peacocking theory.


Of course, most guys didn’t know what to make of them. The idea of dressing “cool” or “like a bad boy” was out there but few people thought of digging deeper.

Sometimes, when you dig just a little deeper, you find gold.

Accessories such as a magician’s hat or a pair of goggles may do the trick for some guys but there are alternatives. I call these… accessories that are changing the game.

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Self Affirmations: Unleash Your Inner God

useful self affirmations

I‘m sure you will agree: the path to success is a difficult one. Sure, we can try and pretend that it’s easy but the fact of the matter is very few people attain real success in life.

I’m not talking about getting a semi-ugly girl or a $100 raise. Im talking real success.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from successful men is that they have an extremely positive opinion about themselves. They CANNOT see themselves failing.

So I started to ask myself this question: why? Why do they act as lif the entire world is theirs?

The first (and obvious answer) that came to mind was that they already had what they wanted. At least partly. It’s easy to feel good when you’re above everyone else, isn’t it?

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How to Make a Girl Laugh

girl laughing

If there’s one thing I like to do when I’m on a date is to make jokes. Not the silly type, where the girl just laughs politely. I’m talking punchy, relevant, awesome jokes.

I can’t really say how I got this talent, I guess my mind wanders off a lot looking for funny associations. I’ve been known for my humor ever since I was a kid but I really took off when I started going on dates.

The humorous mindset

When you’re relaxed around the other person and when you see them as either below or at the same level with you, you’re in a great position to make jokes.

One of the best ways to make girls laugh is to watch some stand-up comedians. Some of them are really good at conveying high status and, at the same time, make entire audiences laugh out loud. Take a look at DeRay Davis talking about Valentine’s day:

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G-Spot Orgasms Step By Step

woman having orgasm

So you have a girl. A girl that you like and you’d like to impress and get her in bed with you. Or, maybe, you have several girls that you’re interested in.

You’re looking to take the first step into the unknown and penetrate (pun intended) the female G-spot orgasm.

You’re in the right place. I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to give you woman not just “a orgasm” but “the orgasm”. I’m not talking about the small orgasms that you won’t even notice, but the loud, earth-shattering type all women crave.

You’ll learn how to give them full body orgasms and probably even make them sexually addicted to you.

Fact: all women are capable of achieving g-spot orgasms.

This is the great news. It will give you a huge self-confidence to KNOW that you can make any woman reach “le petit mort” (as the French call the orgasm).

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Sports Jackets versus Blazers

man with a dark grey sports jacekt and white shirt

You might expect this article to be called simply “Blazers”. And that’s ok. Most people don’t know the difference between a sports jacket and a blazer. You will, by the end of this article (plus I’ll give you some great tips on how to wear them).

First, let’s see which is which.

The blazer and the sports jacket are two very similar garments. You can view them both as two types of less formal suit jackets.

In other words, if you love suits but love being casual at the same time, a blazer or a sports jacket will do the trick.

The difference between them is that the blazer is a little more formal. It comes in solid colors only. Plus, blazers usually have meta buttons (gold or silver). Since it was originally worn by the Navy, you’ll often see naval markings on them.

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Inner Game 101

bruce lee and inner game

A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.
– Bruce Lee

When it comes to dating and pick-up, there are two complementary concepts that you have to master in order to get to at least a decent success rate: inner game and outer game.

Think of them like the yin and yang.

Inner game refers to your state, how you think and your feelings. Think mental states, psyching yourself up, positive self-talk and a few other cute concepts that always work.

Outer game is all about what you do and how you do it. Think body language, voice tone, impulsiveness and so on.

So: inner game.

It’s easy to say inner game is the basis of outer game. If you’re not confident, nothing you say or do will work. Nothing.

I’m sure you may be wondering: can you break this down for me? Inner game seems like such a huge and important part of meeting women.

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Multiple Orgasms The Easy Way

woman during intercourse

Quick question: what’s the easiest way to give a woman 2 orgasms in a row?

Don’t Google-cheat on this one!

Ready? Let’s see your answer.

Mine is: “First you give her a clitoral orgasm, then follow up with a vaginal one”. It’s really simple if you think about it. Let me explain.

It’s way easier for a woman to experience orgasm through the stimulation of the clitoris. It’s out there easy to touch and to play around with.

Did she already experience a clitoral orgasm with you? Good, because the next step is where most guys screw up.

You don’t just rush into the next orgasm (which should be vaginal). You have to let her rest. Let her enjoy the first one for a bit.

Now the resting part is very important. It doesn’t have to bee too long. You have to start the actual intercourse after 1-2 minutes of rest TOPS.

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You Know You NEED to Set Objectives, Right?

goal setting

If you’re not doing it, there is absolutely not way you can escape my wrath. You have to have objectives. Big ones too. It’s your life and without goals to guide you, you’re pretty much never going to get anywhere… unless your daddy is the prince of Monaco.

Goals are like signposts. They won’t tell you HOW to achieve something but they WILL guide you to the right direction.

How do I know they work?

Because I saw myself with goals and I saw myself without them. I know the difference. It’s huge.

I’m ten times more productive and ten times more likely to get something I want if I just have a written goal.

if it’s written down, I’m a lot more committed to doing it. I know it sounds like it shouldn’t happen but, trust me, it works.

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