Why Picking Up Chicks Is Like Playing The Piano

Before you start throwing stones at me, let me tell you something very important. When you pick up women, being natural is just as important as having some rehearsed patterns inside you that you “apply” to be successful.

I know there’s a strong debate over which style is best, being natural or learning lots o pick-up lines. I say there’s a balance between them because you can’t be 100% original with each interaction and you can’t be 100% robotic.

In fact, I’m going to take this idea further and say this: picking up chick is like playing the piano…or any instrument. You have to push the same hot buttons with women (i.e. piano keys) in a certain order, play with passion, be yourself when you’re playing and add your own twists (i.e. being original).

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3 Kiss Tests that Never Fail

guy and girl before kissing

If you’ve been good at getting numbers and getting girls out on dates, kissing them should be easy. As long as she’s giving strong signs that she likes you, there’s no reason why she wouldn’t want to take this step.

However, if either you or her are the shy kind of person, a kiss test will prove itself to be very effective.

If you’re shy, you’re probably afraid to do it because you’re not sure how she’ll react. If SHE’s shy, you can’t really tell if she wants to be kissed because she’snot sending very clear signals.

A kiss test is a surefire way to know if she’s ready or not to be kissed on the lips. Not on the cheek. Not on the forehad.

Kiss Test #1 The “I Want It” Test

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High Status Humor Review

hsh logo

If you can make a girl laugh – you can make her do anything

-Marlyn Monroe

Man oh man. It’s very rare that I’m excited about dating and seduction program these days… All of them are just repeating with other words what the “dinosaurs” of picking up women said years ago.

But – every once in a while – there comes a program that simply takes things to the next level. After you go through all of it you get that feeling of “yeah, this was a game changer”.

High Status Humor is one of those dating programs. To be honest I’m puzzled as to why nobody else talks about making girls laugh. It’s super efficient and, best part, you get to have fun too.

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The Power of The… Pause

man in silence

In a world where communication needs to be done as fast as possible, we can’t afford to lose time.

I just saw an old advert for FedEx where the manager would talk so fast it was really hard to keep up. His employees talked just as fast and, as the commercial suggested, that’s what made him successful.

I do believe I heard about the concept of the pause from master David DeAngelo in one of his video courses (cant’ remember which one it was). But it completely changed my thinking. I sometimes tend to talk fast and this concept helped me change that a bit.

So why pausing when you speak?

Well, it’s actually pausing before you speak. If you take the time to reflect for 1 or 2 seconds before you say something, this gives you 2 advantages:

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What Picasso Can Teach You About Women

pablo picasso

For me there are only two kinds of women, goddesses and doormats.
– Pablo Picasso

If you think present day pick-up artists with their 100+ lays are cool, wait until you find out about some of the names in history that were just as avid at playing the game as modern “seduction gurus”.

This isn’t an article about Don Juan or anything. I’ve targeted someone who you probably never expected to be this passionat about the opposite sex: Pablo Picasso.

The Spanish painter (born in 1881 and died in 1973) had a big thing for women in their twenties, despite his old age. He was married twice and had 4 children with 3 different women. That’s really something to be proud of isn’t it?

The famous singer Bob Marley had even more children with even more women but we’ll talk about him some other time.

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Nice Guys DO Get Laid

nice guy

Ever heard of this book? “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid”? Written by Marcus P. Meleton and Marcus P. Meleton Jr., this book completely changed my perspective on women.

It was around the time I heard about this book that my entire paradigm on life started shifting. It was around that time that I realized what a loser I was and that I had to MAN UP.

I spent months and months acting macho and stuff… and it worked pretty well for me. But I wasn’t quite… you know… getting any.

You see, I was acting too macho. I was too muck of a d**k with women so, after the initial attraction, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Then I heard rumors about guys acting “nice” and getting laid. But this was just NOT part of my reality. How can a man be nice and not nice at the same time?

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On Kino Escalation

Romantic portrait of young pair

You know how, sometimes, you’re talking with a girl and she just doesn’t seem to respond very well? She seems to be thinking about anything else but the conversation you’re having with her.

This is normal if you’re doing cold approaches. She feels no obligation to talk to you whatsoever and she’s already seeing herself on a pedestal.

One of the best ways to resuscitate a dead conversation is to kino escalate.

There are ways in which you can touch a woman: one that’s playful and requires no emotional connection (only light rapport) and one on a more deeper level.

I want to give you some cool examples of playful kino because it’s such an important thing to do when you feel the conversation is drifting.

Things like poking her, bumping her with your hip or just a light punch in the shoulder can instantly get her smiling and talking with you.

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Text Openers For Any Type Of Girl

guy texting a girl

Texting is cool. Texting is really cool. I’ve been doing it with 3 girls over the past couple of weeks and it’s so much easier to get them on the phone than to call directly and face the increased chances of being rejected.

Ok, before I show you the magic lines that work, let’s set some context.

You can’t just blindly write the messages that I give you to any girl. Each girl is unique (yeah, I’m sick of saying it, you’re sick of hearing it) and certain text lines work best on certain types of women.


The goal of the first SMS is to establish a communication channel and to get her on a date as soon as possible. Calling isn’t even necessary to establish the date, except maybe half an hour before the meeting, when it’s ok to call and ask for confirmation.

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The Human Shadow and How It Affects Your Love Life

human shadow

Confession: I love old concepts that can be successfuly applied to today’s modern life. People like Carl Jung really put a lot of thought into what they wrote and, if you have someone to explain to you their concepts, you almost always find GOLD.

One of these concepts is the human shadow and, as you will see, it’s crucial not only in your relation with women but also in your relations with everyone else.

The human shadow is a metaphor. A metaphor for your hidden self, the part of yourself that you’re ashamed of.

Maybe your palms are sweaty when you’re talking to girls. Maybe your mind goes blank when you’re put to talk in front of an audience. Maybe you get horny when you see a girl in a miniskirt.

Whatever it is, your shadow is your and you should admit it. Everyone has one.

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