Here’s Why American Pie SUCKS

american pie

Which one sucks? All of them suck.

Sure, they’re fun to watch but the underlying message is stupid… and untrue.

The message is if you’re a nice guy, you can act stupid, be stupid and get the hot girl.



Now, I don’t really have to point out the fact that the reality is different, right? I mean, c’mon, how many geeks have you seen with hot chicks?

None, right? Yet the movies were a huge success because

a. they had hot girls in them

and b. the idea of a dork hooking up with a hot chick is funny for everybody.

Now my problem with American pie isn’t the script. I loved the script. But I also made sure the reality they presented didn’t mess with my own mind. had I let that happen, I would have slowly started to believe that you can be a loser and get hot chicks.

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Get Your Power… FAST

powerful group of people

I’m sure you’ve seen this before: some dude who’s in essence a nobody walks into a social encounter and gets everyone’s attention. He doesn’t look special, he doesn’t do anything different… yet everyone’s looking at him.

You see, it’s all about power… situational power.

When you encounter a group of people, it is quickly decided who’s who in a matter of minutes… sometimes even seconds. The established “pecking order” may be due to physical appearance, strength, money, charisma or all of the above, in different proportions.

But there’s one weird secret… one that can screw the pecking order from the ground up… if you know how and when to do it. This may not even be possible each and every time but it’s worth waiting for it.

The first time I heard about this concept was in this really awesome selling book, Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. He told a story that absolutely blew me away.

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Your First Phone-Call Is CRUCIAL (Here’s Why)

phone call

Tom Haviland: I get one phone call, right?
Gil Grissom: Sure. Just like in the movies.
– CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Series

OK, the dreadful approach is over. You’re returning victoriously form battle with the phone number. You’re smiling and shaking at the same time. And you say to yourself:

She’s mine.

But is she?

Getting the phone number is the easy part. Sure, if you’ve done your approach the right way then she definitely wanted to give you her digits. But let me tell you something:

This don’t mean SQUAT!

I’ve taken phone numbers from girls who were actually worried that I wouldn’t call them… only to reject my call when I finally did (after a couple of days).

Meeting girls IS a number’s game so you have to be prepared for this: she may not want to talk with you.

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Is She Faking It?

dissatisfied girl

If you’ve been learning about becoming a master lover, you’ve undoubtedly heard these rumors: most women fake orgasms! The number that’s being spread around the Internet is that 54% of them are doing it. If you ask me it’s probably even higher since some will never admit to this.

Anyway, the stats are less important. What’s important is that you learn to identify it and then, of course, do something about it.

But before we get into that, let me ask a question that you probably didn’t consider. WHY? Why do they do it?

The same studies suggest that women are more likely to fake orgasms if they’re afraid to lose their partners… or if they’re afraid they’ll cheat on them.

Do you know what this means? If she’s faking it, she’s doing it because she’s afraid to lose you!

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How A Fake “Accident” Can Land You the Love of Your Life

man and woman in the street
You know how most dating coaches or pick-up artists or gurus will tell you that being natural is awesome, right? Well, sometimes a little planning might be just what you need to get the girl.. and try something new (I know I’m tired of the old “Hi” direct pick-up line).

You know how in the movies they bump into each-other, she drops all the papers she was holding with her arms all across the sidewalk, he rushes to help her etc. etc.

I know you secretly hoped (I know I did) that you’d just bump into girls but let’s face it – that never happens… unless you MAKE it happen.

So how do you bump into into a girl that you like. This isn’t easy – you have to be careful when you’re doing it. You can probably see the “accidents” you might cause.

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The Duckling Opener

Hey, it’s the Lifestyle God and this is.. a duckling:


Just in case you’re wondering – this is an opener I stumbled upon a loong time ago. The first time I though about it, I was in a cool nightclub. It was like I had a revelation… so I had to test it.

I went to 4 chicks, said to them the same opener and – wow – they all responded well! I couldn’t believe it. 4 out of 4 that’s pretty good, right?

Ok, I won’t keep you in suspense anymore. Just find the next hot girl that you see dancing in the club and say to her this:

Can I make a comment about the way you dance?

(This is asking for her permission. The opener is a bit harsh so you want to set the stage first, you don’t want to just blurb it out.)

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5 Unbelievable Tips to Spice Up Your Love Life

champagne bottle - first date

If you’ve been with the same girl for at least a few months, you’re probably facing this problem: sex has become a routine.

This is normal, actually. Us humans get bored very easily, yet not many of us are looking for ways to spice things up. So if you’re reading this you’re probably one of the few who are actually willing to take action. So congrats!

The only question is, what kind of action?

I’ll give you some great tips on how to spice up your love life. But before I go into that, let me give you a small caveat:

If you just start applying the techniques, your girl might not like it. She’s used to you two making love in a certain way and if you come up with something new, she’ll say to herself:

What’s up with my man? He’s not usually like this…

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Are You Raising Alarm Signals In Those Around You?


Picture this: you meet someone who you think is ok to say the least. Then, as time passes by, you notice strange little behaviors about him. Maybe he picks his nose. Maybe he’s a little too pushy. Maybe he talks to openly about sex. Maybe he spits. Make he swears.

Each time one of these slip-ups happen, a small alarm signal is raised in the minds of everyone who see him. He’s 1% less cool. He’s getting 1% less attention. He has 1% less chances to get laid.

This, obviously, degenerates into things that I’m too afraid to talk about openly, such as gossiping. I don’t have to tell you what gossip can do to a person’s reputation.

I could go on and on about this. I’ve seen guys act like idiots too many times. I should laugh when I see them but the reality is that I feel uncomfortable when they do it.

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