The Reptilian Brain Explains Women Behavior


Ever sat next to a guy who’s just owns the room? It’s unbelievable. The vibe that guys like these give off is nothing short of amazing. It’s like people around them (both men and women) are hypnotized.

This charisma as some people like to call it causes very strong emotions in the brains of people around them. Logic is “put aside” so to speak, leaving only the reptilian brain to function.

So what is this reptilian brain. Scientists have separated the human brain into 3 distinct parts: the neocortex, the limbic system and the notorious reptilian brain. These 3 components form the so-called triune brain of our species.

Here’s the deal: the reptilian brain is responsible for processing emotions as it is the oldest structure in our brain. The other 2 just “grew on top of it” so to speak.

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