Top 5 Worst Openers To Say To A Woman

upset girl

Depending on where you’re at with women, you’re probably in one of 2 categories:

A. You think the openers should always come natural or
B. You’re sure that most openers should be scripted.

I really don’t care in which of these categories you fit in, heck, maybe in both, just like me. But no matter what your opinion is on openers, there are things you should NEVEr open up with.

These lines, whether they come natural or not, are such a turn off that you should remember NOT to say them.

#1 Can I buy you a drink?

I’m sure you’re familiar with this and the reason it’s bad. Buying girls drinks is the worst opener of all… and not because it’s bad, per se, but because it so damn used by every other guy!

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Quality Over Quantity With Women


This is always a tough decision to make: should you focus on quality or on quantity with girls? Is it better to focus on the fewer hot ones or the fewer which you KNOW you can get into bed OR… to just go to as many as possible and play the number’s game.

It all depends on where you’re at. If you’re a beginner, going to as many chicks as possible is probably the best way to tackle this. You need experience and you need it fast. NO need to progress slowly, over the course of years, just to get to a point where you can confidently take a phone number.

Go out there and talk to every girl out there. I don’t really care what you focus on: getting the number, getting to know her or trying to have sex on the spot. You need to get rid of the fear of approaching strange women… and this shouldn’t take you more than a few months.

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Breast Stimulation: Make Her Melt.

breast cleavage

Ahhh, the amazing breasts. You worked so hard to get to them. You probably even imagined what it would be like to squeeze them in your hands for the first time.

If your girl’s boobies are anything like my ex girlfriend’s, I completely get why you’d want to learn how to know how to touch them. It would be a sin NOT to.

A big secret related to breast stimulation is that doing it also increases vaginal lubrication. As you know, no lube on the market can beat the natural lubricant of a woman’s vagina.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. The first lesson when it comes to breasts stimulation is this: don’t do it! (Well, at least not yet.)

You see, right when you uncover your girl’s breasts for the first time, she feels like her privacy is broken. She knows she wants sex, she knows she’s the one who let you undress her in the first place.

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Today I want to introduce you to a concept that has sucked in a lot of people over the past few years… because it’s just so damn good.

Best selling author Eckhart Tolle talks about *the noise*. So what is this noise?

Well, you know how you’re always worried about this or that thing about your life, how you’re always stressed, how you’re always checking your e-mail, how you’re always busy?

Sometimes you feel like you’re overwhelmed. And I do to. All of the above applies to me as well.

So mr. Tolle comes in and teaches us to just let go. To clear your mind of all the noise that’s in your head. Sort of like meditation, only you don’t need a pillow or to sit in a fancy lotus position to do it.

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David DeAngelo Recommended Reading

david d

You probably know David DeAngelo as one of the most well known dating gurus out there. If you’ve watched any of his materials, you noticed he’s really into reading. I mean REALLY into reading.

he recommends a lot of books (I bet he’s read hundreds of them about psychology alone) but, if you’re not taking notes, you forget all about them.

So what good is it if you never get to them?

I complied a list of (Amazon) books that he recommends and pretty much all of them are truly earth-shattering.

So here we go:

The Selfish Gene

Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene gave me the biggest revelation of any book. Ever. It describes in very simple words why we behave the way we do and, you guessed it, why other people do whet they do. It’s all in our genes and once you understand that, you begin to see people in a whole different light.

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Death: the Ultimate Motivator


Human beings are straange creatures. We’re so concerned with our day-to-day worries that we fail to see where all of this is going: the inevitable end.

Yes, this IS one of those articles. I know you don’t want to read it. I bet you saw where this is going just by reading the title.

But, unless you don’t want to look back to your life with sadness and frustration, I urge you to listen to what I have to say.

I’ve been a sad and lonely guy. I had nothing. I had nowhere to go. I had nothing to do. And you know what that does to you?

It gives you time to think about death. And, I admit with all my heart, it’s scary.

Looking back, thinking (involuntarily) about death put me in a state of constant motivation… of always wanting to do something… to make every second count.

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You Should Try Erotic Literature…

naked by raine miller

Girls read romance and erotic novels like crazy. I can’t find the statistics anymore but they were mind blowing. A huge number of girls are turned on by this kind of literature.

So why should you care? Let me tell you this as slowly as I can:

If you learn the secret language of erotic novels, you can have more sex than anyone can dream.

You will then discover an extremely powerful way of communication with the opposite sex that’s only been used by the biggest seducers of the world.

OK, I know that last sentence is a bit corny but think about it. Guys don’t give a rat’s ass on erotic literature. They’d rather just drive a girl crazy until she finally gives in and agrees to have sex with them.

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Why a brand new suit adds style and confidence

bespoke suit

There’s something about bespoke tailoring that exudes a style and confidence unmatched by others. Here are some of the things that make bespoke tailored suits the best one can find. It all comes down to the fit.

When something just fits

A brand new suit is specifically tailored to your dimensions so that your body shape is accentuated, yet you can move freely and naturally. There is a genius in its craftsmanship that’s held in secrecy and handed down by generations of tailors.

Each suit is cut uniquely to its owner, no two bespoke suits are the same.

Style is timeless

When deciding on a brand new suit, finding a suit that will never loose it’s style and has classic tailoring is essential. Looking for fabrics and colours that match the suits use and the owner is also important. Seek the careful eye of a skilled Germanicos tailor for guidance.

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