What To Say When She Asks You About Your Job?

girl curious about guy

That’s a tough questions, isn’t it? Well, not for all of us.

If you happen to come from a rich family, you don’t have this problem. You’re probably on your way to being a successful businessman, a marketing expert. Or maybe you’re just a guy who spends all his time chasing women.

But if you’re not rich or if you have a boring job, things change. You’ve probably answered this question before so you feel embarrassed, even awkward.

The best of the best way of introducing her to what you do is when you’re talking about something else.

So, you might say:

Yeah, I know what you mean, I love my iPod. I always take it with me when jogging. Listening to trance music makes me run faster.

I even made my own app that shuffles my songs depending on the mood I select. Technology kicks a*s, I’m telling you. I love my iPod.

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4 Traits of a Great Wingman

girls in nightclub

Good wingmen ar hard to find, aren’t they?

I’ve had dozens of them over the years. Sometimes I felt that it was harder for me to find a good wingman than a decent girl.

Joking aside, I’ve identified some traits that I’m looking for in guys when I’m out picking up girls. You would think that all you need is someone to go out with but the fact of the matter is, wingmen can make it or break it.

Here’s a short list of what I’m looking for in a wingman. If the 5 traits are not all there, I just don’t go out with them. It’s that simple.

The game is a big thing now, plenty of guys are in it. So it’s easy to find new wingmen that will help you get laid more.

#1 Trust

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How I Picked Up This Hot Russian Girl In The Street And Took Her Home That Same Night

russian brunette

I just realized… I never spoke a word about the women I picked up… Weird.

I should have done that a long time ago.

Oh well, there’s a first time for everything.

Let me tell you the story of one of my best approached. Or, rather, the one that got me the one of the best results: picking up a girl in the street and taking her home that same night.

You’re gonna love it so make sure you read to the end for all the juicy lines.

Now this happened almost a year ago so I might not be very accurate about what I said… nevertheless, I can still remember most of the things I told her… and some of the things she told me.

It was a warm summer evening.

Hah. It was. 🙂

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Here’s Why Guys in Relationships are The Best Possible Wingmen You Could Have

couple holding hands

It took me a while to realize this but guys who already have girlfriends can be a tremendous help with your pick-up endeavors.

My current social circle is a mixture of single and not-so-single guys. And, without realizing it, I’ve actually started to get better results while hanging out with the latter group. Here’s why.

Firs of all, there is not “PUA pressure” when you go out with guys like these. Sure, they know about the game. They’ve done it.

But the biggest advantage they bring to the table is that the vibe is so natural that you hardly think about techniques. Which is exactly where you want to be when going out.

This means much more fun and a lot less pressure.

Guys in relationships make you more natural.

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World’s Most Expensive Holiday

most expensive holiday

I know what you’re thinking:

10 grand? 20 grand? How much can this thing be?

Let me give you a hint so you can see the scale of this holiday: it spans for 2 whole years!

But I won’t give you the price. Not until the end, though.

Because first I want to give you the details so, when you DO see it, you won’t freak out that much.

Luxury website www.VeryFirstTo.com is offering a 2-year holiday that covers 962 places that are considered to be the most beautiful and culturally relevant in the world.

This “never before before journey”, as they like to call it, includes some of the most astounding places to visit on earth:

  • the pyramids of Egypt
  • the Taj Mahal in India
  • Peru’s Machu Picchu

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How To Give Someone Bad News

woman crying

Look, there’s not real way around that. You can’t avoid the bad reaction someone’s going to have when you’re giving them a bad news. The only thing you can do is to alleviate the moment you’re telling them.

So how do you do that?

Well, you cant just yell it out, that’s for sure.

If, however, you’re afraid to do it, it’s probably best to let someone else do it.

But if you HAVE to do it yourself, let’s see some of the best ways to do it.

First, you need to keep in mind the condition of that person. If they’re old or if they have a heart problem, you should be extra careful.

One thing is clear: you need to choose your words very VERy carefully when you’re giving a bad news. Pretty much like courtiers did when they had to give bad news to the kings they served.

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She Says She Wants To Be Friends So She Can Do Other Guys

cute blonde

You probably don’t have the heart to admit this so I’m going to do it for you.

SHe’s hot. She says she just wants to be friends. She’s with another guy (or other guys). Period.

Now I’m not here to tell you how to escape the friends zone. I already did that in a previous article.

What I want you to realize is that you’re “friends material”. So you have a bigger issue to solve.

You have to be the “sex worthy” guy (as Tim from RSD would say).

You have to make sure that all girls will see you as such from now on.

Implementing the new habits that show you’re a real man require practice. You have to turn them into habits.

This is where the problems start for most guys. They can do this and that exercise but they have huge problems keeping on track.

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Ever Been With A Psychology Student?

hot psychology girl

I don’t know why… Maybe it’s just a coincidence.. but… every pshychology chick I ever picked up had an unexplainable attraction for me. DId this ever happen to you?

Those girls can talk about human interaction and relationships FOR HOURS. Which is PERFECT.

Because such conversations are fun, light and they almost always lead to sex.

Bu there’s another explanation here. And if you know you’re game, you probably spot it already.

The reason why psychology girls like pick-up artists so much is because of the COMMONALITY. Get it? We all have something in commmon here.

This is PROOF that finding things in common with a girl works. You don’thave to be a social robot and use pick-up lines, tricks and tactics on them. What you need is to have something in common. Something you’re both passionate about.

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How To Escape The Friends Zone

hot girl

Ever went out with a hot girl only to find out that she just want to be friends?

Normally I would tell you to next her and find another one but…

if she’s hot, things change.

First off, she still wants to see you. You probably shown her your intentions so she knows you want to be with her, right?

So instead of backing out, why not find ways to turn things around?

If she’s sticking with you, she’s doing it for a reason. One of them is that, up to some level, she likes you.

Which, in turn, means that you can try all sorts of things to get into her panties… and she won’t blow you off like a girl whom you’ve met 10 minutes ago in a nightclub.

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What’s Your Dream Type Of Girl?

couple on the beach

So much for the “What’s your dream girl question?”. As a pick-up artist, we know better than to look for ONE GIRL. That will inevitably lead us to fall in love with a girl who doesn’t want us.

It’s much better to figure out the TYPE of girl you’re interested. This way you’ll be more likely not to fall for the first one that hits you. You’ll learn how to control yourself in order not to blow it all away.

But, most importantly, asking yourself the question from the title helps you figure out the traits of your dream girl.

In other words, you’ll be extremely accurate about what you want.

Sure, picking up every type of girl is fun, challenging and difficult at the same time. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and you need to date radically different girls to figure out what you want.

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