On Sharing Your Feelings

man and woman talking

Ok, ever had this happen to you? You’re with a girl you really like, you talk, she gets a little emotional… and you end up saying something cheesy that completely changes her mood.

In that moment, when you blurt out what you feel… it’s probably the first time you leave aside the macho attitude that got you the girl. After all, you’re a human being. If you want to tell her how you feel, who’s going to stop you?

So you say it. And, boy, you wish you hadn’t. Her face changes and she becomes silent. And you’re trying to desperately salvage the situation saying something even more stupid.

But it’s too late. She knows you’re crazy about her. Or maybe she just came to the conclusion that you’re too needy for her. You’re still talking but it’s obvious that something changed… and it will never be the same.

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The Boyfriend Destroyers Megalist

hot girl interested in conversation

How many times have you hear a girl tell you “Uhh, I have a boyfriend”? Too many, right? Heck, most of the times they were lying their asses off.

Not anymore. I’m bringing to this page the best of the best boyfriend destroyers that you can use to pass this (if you ask me, ridiculous) test from women.

The mindsets

There are 3 directions you can go with this. And they are totally opposite and they both work, you just have to know which works when. And if you don’t feel comfortable using one of them, that’s ok too.

Mindset #1 is classic. Her current boyfriend is just another nice guy/douche bag who’s a little too much in love with her and often needy. That’s how most are.

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Women Are Furious That Men Are Paying To Learn Seduction

man and woman upset at each-other

The fact that some women are furious on men that pay money to other men to teach them how to be seductive… that’s something I only remember from time to time. I don’t really care. I mean, they have a beauty industry worth billions of dollars each year TO DO THE SAME THING TO US. And makeup ain’t free – they’re paying for it.

I’m going to chip in and give you my 2 cents as to why women are afraid that we’re going to steal the only art they’re masters at: the art of seduction. But, first, let’s do a warm-up with my favorite scene from Hitch, a really cool dating movie where Will Smith plays the role of a dating coach.

This happens after the girl finds out she’s been played.

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Try This Unstoppable Boyfriend Destroyer

cool boyfriend destroyer technique

There are many ways to deal with the boyfriend objection – the moment when a girl you talk to is telling you she’s with someone else. But most of them focus on trying to make him look either bad or too much of a nice guy.

Last night, while chatting with a girl, I found a better way. In fact, she was the one who gave me the idea.. and suggested that we do it this way.

Proof that women have brilliant minds when it comes to dating.

Naturally, one of the reasons it worked was because she was really into me. We were kicking it for at least half an hour on Facebook. I hardly had to do any game, she would just laugh at everything I would say.

Even though she told me initially she had a boyfriend, I didn’t pay too much attention to that detail and just did what I always do: enjoy myself.

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How To Talk To Women

girls dancing in bar

All right. We talked a lot about every aspect of picking up women. From meeting them online to negging to complimenting, kissing and making love (or sex) with them.

There are a lot of techniques but the fact of the matter is you cannot have long-term lasting success with bits and pieces. You need a solid understanding of how to talk with women. You need principles.

And, once you start thinking for yourself, you’ll develop your own strong, mature character that will attract women of any age like a MAGNET.

First, we’re gonna talk about the general mindset THEY have. Why most men screw things up by putting girls on a pedestal and themselves literally at their feet. After that, we’ll talk about the mindset YOU must have to be on the same page with them.

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Is Alcohol Bad For Approaching Women?

bar club bar with whisky

One of the things that always made me sad is the length to which some pick-up artists go in their endeavors to get laid.

Some advocate not drinking at all, ever, even though they tell you to hit the clubs 3 or 4 times a week. Others, on the other hand, can’t utter one word to a woman unless they drink at least 3 beers (plus, by the end of the night, they can barely talk from all the alcohol). Tihnk Raj in The Big Bang Theory, who can’t utter a word to a woman until he has that first sip from his beer.

In what follows I’m going to talk about this whole alcohol issue from a different perspective. One that’s more logical and balanced. You cna call it: the natural approach to alcohol.

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How To Make Women Approach You In The Street

girl chasing guy

This is a guest post by Marni from WingGirlMethod.com

Chances are, you may be one of those people who have spent too much time mustering up the courage to approach that one person who has caught your eye at some point. Contemplating “that right moment” tends to result in the perfect opportunity ending in disappointment as that special lady you have been courting all night sadly departs. Unfortunate? Yes. However, there is always hope. Let’s take a look at some simple steps and little moves you can practice in order to make HER approach YOU this next time around.

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How To Destroy Approach Anxiety (Or How To Slay The Dragon)

the approach anxiety dragon

Although the dating community is fairly mature and us me got everything figured out (from the approach to sex), a lot of guys simply cannot get over the first step: opening the conversation.

What Is Approach Anxiety, Anyway?

Approach anxiety is, as you may have guessed, a particular case of anxiety. It manifests itself as a series of negative thoughts that prevent a guy from walking up an talking with an unknown woman or girl who he’d like to me for sexual purposes.

Now, please be aware that approach anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean that the approach doesn’t take place. In those horrible moments when the dragon flies around in circles above our brave player, an epic battle inside his mind takes place. More often than not, our hero loses the battle, which is why you need to read the following very very carefully. Then, you need to put it into practice.

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What To Do When A Guy Is Hitting On Your Girl

guys hitting on someone's girlfriend

OK, picture this. You’re out to a bar with your girlfriend. You’re chilling and enjoying yourselves. Then, out of nowhere, some dude walks up and starts talking with her. He doesn’t acknowledge you. And he’s a little… too good.

What do you do?

You know what’s going to happen. You’ve done it yourself dozens, maybe hundreds of times. That guy wants to have sex with her and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

You know very well that hanging in there even when the girl isn’t interested sometimes works. You’ve pushed yourself to do that on numerous occasions. And now, some other dude is playing that same game with the love of your life.

Wait, what’s that I’m seeing? He’s also handsome? Maybe not super-handsome, just better looking than you.

Or… maybe he isn’t, who knows. Sometimes we’re just as insecure about ourselves as women are.

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100 Stellar Negs That Will Spark Primitive Attraction In A Woman

sexy blonde

Ok, this is it. It’s THE list. Negs are one of my favorite things to say to women because they are bad-ass. Because women respond to them. Because they just WORK. If you know how to say them and how not to abuse them.

Anyway, here’s a list of all the negs I could remember from my hundreds of approaches and a few more that I heard from friends. No point in chit-chatting about what negging is and how it should work, that’s subject to a future article. Let’s dive right into this really long list.

1. You blink a lot!


You: Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?

Her: No.

You: Oh, well that’s okay. I don’t mind lying if it will get me somewhere. (Kino her and give her a real sly smile, maybe a wink)

credits: Mystery

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