How Often Should You Message a Girl?

girl sending a text message

So we spoke a while back about what are some of the best text openers for girls. But that’s only half the story in order to get her to come on a first date.

The other half is timing.

You don’t want to be too pushy but you don’t want to be too apathetic either.

So which is it?

What’s the right frequency?

The answer, as you may have guessed… is that there is no right answer.

Girls, just like us, have different opinions on text messaging. Some of them are ninjas and can type on their cells faster than I can type on my laptop. Others think that any man who would use text to get them to go on a first date is not man enough.

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Where Are The Real 10s In a Club?

girls dancing

Here’s what I don’t get about us men. We’re smart. We’re logical. We rule the world. Yet, when we’re in a club, we’re always looking at the hottest girl there as being the hottest girl there.

Confused? You shouldn’t be.

The real 10 is indeed physically very attractive but what about her personality? What about her career?

This is most guys don’t get (or don’t care). The REAL 10s are a lot harder to find. In fact, I’m willing to bet that in some nights, even the hottest night clubs don’t have any 10s in them, even though they’re packed with trashy girls.

Should you stop chasing trashy girls?

No, by any means. We’re guys and having a hot girl in our beds is a very satisfying experience. But you can’t ignore those rare 10s that you come across once every couple of months.

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Lifestyle God: Gregory Peck

gregory peck

We’re starting today a series of articles that, in my opinion, should be read and re-read by as many teenagers as possible.

Leaving aside all the concepts about power and improving oneself, what we NEED are role models. I grew up not having too many of them… and the ones I have were just people I would read about in books and on the Internet.

But that’s not enough to dissect what made them so successful so we can apply some of the gems we find in their past is it?

So let’s start digging up these amazing men. Let’s see what they did, how they did it. Let’s also call them… lifestyle gods. Because their lives were truly worth living.

Our first God: Gregory Peck… an American actor very popular in the 1950s.

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What Poker Can Teach You About Women

girls playing poket

Ok, so you’ve done enough approaches to stop considering yourself as a noob. You’ve gotten various results, yet, somehow, you still have that annoying voice inside your head that’s telling you that there’s a chance you’ll screw up.

OK, news flash for you:

You WILL screw up!


There IS a chance that you will get rejected!

You can’t get any girl.
It’s a numbers game.

But guess what… this whole pick-up thing is part of the fun.

Just like playing poker. You don’t know whether this hand will work or not. You might make a flush or you might lose.

Yet, even though they know they can lose, poker players keep returning to the table over and over again.

They know they can’t win every hand. Heck, they fold most of them. SO why do they do it?

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9 Things She’ll Never Tell You

woman that won't talk with her boyfriend

Women are generally speaking nice with us. Most of the times they avoid hurting our feelings even when we deserve to know we screwed up.

But they won’t tell us. Instead, what ends up happening most of the times is they just break up, leaving us dumbstruck as to what went wrong.

A break-up is a big deal so, if she initiated it, you probably did something wrong. Now I can’t possibly guess what that was but I do want to talk about some of the most common mistakes we make. Some of them I’ve made myself and I look back in horror to the moment I realized how much they cost me.

But it’s okay. We’re meant to learn from them and I’m sure you will too, as long as you read and think about each of them.

#1. That you’re wearing a smelly t-shirt

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How I Threw Away All My Shirts This Summer

man throwing away shirt

Ahh, the amazing shirt. It works with jeans, it works with suits… it works at weddings as well at the beach. Every man with minimum style knowledge knows how important this fashion item is in his wardrobe.

Well, I “threw away” all of mine.

OK, I didn’t throw them away in the actual sense of the word. They’ve been sitting in my closet for a few days as I didn’t even look at them when I dressed to go out.

Reason? I found something better. With temperatures sky-high, I found refuge with a garment that I haven’t really worn that much since I started my style journey.

That garment is the t-shirt.

I know I know. You can’t wear ties with it. Plus, it doesn’t have the majestic collar that shirts have that has always been a fashion statement in itself.

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Watch This: The Best Of The Best Infield Video Footage

I’m not really putting this list of infield footage for the general public. I’m doing it for myself really, as I don’t like to use bookmarking services so much. So instead of having 20 or 30 bookmarks of YouTube videos, I just have one page with all of them on one page. I just scroll down and choose the one I want to motivate myself ith easier.

And you can do this too as long as you bookmark this page.

This first one is from Julien from RSD. Amazing game – left me speechless:

If you look carefully, at some point he’s making out with 2 different girls at the same time!

And this one is Mehow kissing a girl in front of her boyfriend – amazing stuff, though I’m against going into other people’s relationships. it’s still motivating, though, it shows you can get any girl if you set your mind to it.

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Let’s See What This Stanford Study Says About Speed Dating

speed dating

OK, so we all know that most studies don’t really come to the conclusion that having self-confidence or being cocky and funny works with women. It’s just not something a respectful university professor would want to admit (or test!).

But some of the studies they make do bring interesting results to the table. Like the one I want to talk about right now, that was done by Dan McFarland and Dan Jurafsky from Stanford University.

In short, what they did was they analyzed men and women who participated in 4-minutes speed dating programs, specifically what differentiated successful interactions from unsuccessful ones.

For reference, you have a copy of the study right here (I hope no one takes it down in the meantime). This is a direct PDF link, it will open in Adobe Reader.


Here’s the big picture of what they tried to accomplish, taken right from the study:

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Kickstarter Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Seduction AND Rape

thumbs down

I sometimes I sit and wonder: what good is it to have dozens of blogs dedicated to getting things to work with women if most geeks out there still don’t get it?

And I’m not talking about the little guy. I’m talking about the big boys in the industry, such as The Verge or Jezebel who couldn’t tie two ideas together if their life depended on them. (I read The Verge regularly because of their HQ pics and videos but ther bashing against Microsoft and Apple’s continuous ass-kissing is well know by their readers who attack them from every direction possible with almost every article).

What Ideas you may ask?

One is that it’s appropriate to take woman’s hand and put it on her penis. Any non-virgin knows that.

The second idea is that it’s ok to do it if you’re already at your place with the chick AND you’be nee out with her several times.

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How to Start Conversations with Women Without Rejection

hot blonde in a bar

A lot of men lose amazing women because of one thing: they don’t approach.

What if I get rejected? What if she slaps me? What if she calls her navy seal boyfriend who will kick my ass?

Let me tell you right from the get-go: there is not perfect way to start a conversation You will get rejected. But most rejections will be so light that you wont’ even feel them.

You see, we’re so afraid of rejection that it completely screws us over. And guess what that leads to? Poor conversation skills (among other things).

It’s not an issue of how how to start conversation but rather an issue of being in a state of mind where we’re indifferent to the outcome.

Let me ask you a personal question. Did you end up home after a night out and you started to relive the last approaches you did?

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