12 Hours Of Music On Which You Can Be Productive

man listening to headphones

Are you a workaholic? Are you looking for every edge, every bit of information to make your life more productive and achieve more?

If so, you’ll be happy to learn that certain types of music can increase your productivity. In fact, there have been studies around this ever since the 70s.

This one study, for instance, shows that “music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory”.

Similar studies have came to similar conclusions, some of them pertaining to baroque music ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/04/090423132615.htm ).

Truth be told, I love baroque music and whenever I listen to it, I find myself succumbed in work, losing track of time and just being in a state of flow that I would otherwise never achieve by listening to regular music such as pop or dance.

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On Telling Her How You Feel

One of the thinks that will get you into the comfort zone with women is actually something the VAST majority of guys never do. It’s sharing how you feel.

Notice I didn’t say “sharing your feelings about her” but “sharing how you feel”. Right there and then. In the moment.

Telling Barbara “I feel so good with you right now” isn’t going to impress her in 90% of the cases. But telling something like “Oh man, that joke was so funny – I’m still laughing” is way better.

Why, you may ask? Because she’s going to automatically enter the state you’re in. She’s going to remember that particular joke and then laugh at it, just like you are.

Sharing your feelings or your state of mind is awesome. It just works. But how do you do it?

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Here’s How To Nail That Hot Girl That’s Messing With You

hot girl with attitude

Let me begin by congratulating you. If you have a hot girl that’s always teasing you, you’re the luckiest guy on earth.

Not because she refuses to have sex with you.

Not because she’s probably having sex with other guys.

It’s because you can use her emotions to turn her around and fuck her harder than those other guys she’s been seeing.

If there’s one thing I learned picking up girls in bars, clubs and in the street is that the hardest ones to get are those that are indifferent.

The have no emotion. They don’t care. In fact, the whole idea of you trying amuses them.

But if you have a girl who’s messing with you, whether teasing or just being ironic, things get 10 times easier.

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Tired of Good-Looking Dating Coaches Telling You Dating Is Easy?

handsome guy

I have to get something off my chest: I’m sick of self-centered egotistic dating coaches who were born tall and good looking telling us that dating women is as easy as it gets. That less is more. That you don’t really have to do anything than be yourself and show some confidence.

This is our sexual life you’re screwing with!

If you want to PROVE that your method (it’s hard to call them methods because they all echo pretty much the same ideas – nothing is original, nothing is new) they why don’t you take 10 guys ranging from ugly to handsome and TEST?

Let the results speak for themselves.

But no, they have a different kind of proof for us. THey test their “techniques” on… themselves!


A super-tall dating coach, who’s been doing this 5 times a week for years can get dozens of phone numbers.

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You SHOULD Show Your Soft Side. Here’s Why

man being kind to animals

It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when. Women have a very generous soft side and when a man they perceive as powerful has a “soft moment”, they go crazy.

I’m sure you’ve seen politicians and celebrities screw up, only to be protected by an army of feminine voices, trying to hide their clear as day bad deeds under the rug.

The question is, as I said, one of “when”. If you show you’re weak fright from the beginning, women will think you’re always like that. Don’t ask me why, it must be a “first impression thing”.

Now, when someone makes a bad first impression on me, I always wait to see what happens. Heck, even if they make awesome first impressions, I still wait to see what they’re all about (and possibly figure out what the catch is).

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Why You Should Have Sex On The First Date

hot brunette

If there’s one thing most girls are afraid of, is having sex on the first date. The ones that tried it say they felt dirty afterwards. To me, not wanting to get at least a little bit sexual on the first date is a sign that she either has preconceived ideas about it… or I’m just not good enough for her.

Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

A lot of girls think and say that sex on the first date is horrible. It’s evil. It’s wrong.

This isn’t necessarily surprising. Religion taught everyone that sex is something you do with your wife only AFTER you get married.

From time to time you’ll eventually run into this type of girl. Everything will go amazing but when it’s time to make a sexual move, she freezes. Then she tells her the whole story, how you should wait and what not.

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Are You Choking Girls With Text Messages?

angry girl reading text message

I see this over and over again. The guy starts texting with a girl, everything seems fine, then, without even him knowing, he’s texting more and more… while the girl is texting less and less.

I don’t need to tell you what’s going on, right? He’s showing what the girl perceives signs of neediness and desperation… and he doesn’t even know it!

To make matters worse, situations like these occur even to folks who know about this. They’re so caught up with the conversation and the actual process of seducing the girl… that they get completely carried away.

Now, before we move further, let’s get one thing straight: logically speaking, just because you answer SMSs every 2-3 minutes, that’s not really being needy. But girls perceive it as being so.

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How to Give Her The Fuck of Her Life

couple in bed

Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: giving a woman a fuck she’ll remember isn’t necessarily about making her orgasm or ejaculate or whatever. It’s nice if you can do that, but not mandatory.

A good fuck is all about having a kick-ass foreplay and being hardcore in the grand finale. This way she’ll remember you as a man who can take care of his woman as well as one who understands her needs.

It’s like having a big dick: most women don’t need it to achieve orgasm, in fact, sexual intercourse with one will hurt. But they all want one just because it’s BIG.

Same with being hardcore in bed instead of just using your fingers to try to make them cum (very hard it it’s your first time with her). You give it to her really good so she’ll have something to think about the following days.

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ASMR: Brain Orgasms [VIDEO]

couple relaxing in bed

Very few people heard about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). It’s no surprise; the term was coined in 2010 on a Facebook group.

ASMR, colloquially named “brain orgasm” or “Brain massage” is a tingling that one feels around the head, scalp as well as in other areas on one’s body.

This type of tingling is caused by certain visual and auditory stimuli including:

  • whispering
  • brushing
  • having someone play with your hair
  • paper scratching
  • running water
  • the sound of an electric clipper
  • hearing a nurturing female voice
  • the sound of someone walking with high heels
  • something visual such as watching someone fingerpaint
  • or even something as crazy as asmr role play

It’s hard to say which of these will stimulate you personally, so I’ve put together a list of ASMR YouTube videos I’ve found. Before you try them, make sure you use a good pair of headphones. Listening to them on speakers won’t be nearly as efficient.

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