Let’s Have A Chat About “Value”

guy making a group laugh

We know so much about women and yet,
the closest we got to knowing what women want is…


Kind of vague, isn’t it?

Dating gurus are fighting to demystify it
and they still haven’t reached a common agreement.

And I get that. But here’s what I don’t get.

Value can mean different things to different girls.
Why would one think that being funny and challenging
is all it takes to build value?

Value is not just something you bring
to the table in the moment, guys.

Ever thought about building long-term value?
You know, for long-term relationships.
(Read, long-term fvck buddy…)

I’m gonna explain what I mean in a minute
but first, let me

Here’s the death trap of building value…

Most guys think that the only way to building value
is by putting a lot of energy into being fun and challenging…

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Don’s Sneaky Trick #1: Pluses and Minuses

giving a girl pluses and minuses

Dude, you will not believe what a friend of mine
did to completely absorb 2 girls in a conversation…

This is so badass I just had to write you about it.

OK, so get this. I was out with a couple of buddies
drinking and having fun, then decided to meet up
with a couple of other friends of mine…

Only thing was, they also had a couple of girls with them.
Nothing strange so far, right?

So I go and meet them at this really unique place
where you’re suppose to take your shoes off…

A mostly dark place full of rugs, pillows,
candles and Bob Marley music. Really chill.

(By the way, if you want to completely
disarm a woman’s resistance to sex
you should definitely take her to a place like this).

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Why Being Popular is Not As Important As You Think

popular guy surrounded by girls

I have a confession to make: I couldn’t care less about celebrities and popularity in general. In fact, I’m somewhat against it.

Whenever I meet someone who’s popular, I’m treating them like I would any other person (I’ll explain why in a moment), and they seem somewhat disturbed by this.

What? This guy sin’t giving me the power I deserve?

They seem intrigued and automatically recognize me as someone with AT LEAST as much power as they have. And this – you guessed it – automatically raises MY status.

David DeAngelo calls this “not giving your power away”.

And why should we? What have THEY done for me to deserve my full attention?

You see, whenever I meet someone (old or new acquaintance), they start from point zero. It doesn’t matter who they are. If we get along, I give them more attention as we start to become friends. If we don’t, I ignore them.

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The Best Day Game Opener?

hot girls shopping

I figured that, since I’m answering questions over e-mail to my customers, I could help others who didn’t (yet) purchase by making my answers public… well, some of them.

Here’s what one happy customer writes:

I want you to give me 2 openers which I can use every time. One “direct neutral” and one

Let me give you the types of situations where I need a conversation starter:

1. I am in out shopping/in a mall/ in a library
2. Walking on street
3. Waiting at a bus stop or travelling next with someone I want to approach

When you give me openers please understand women here are shit scared of strangers approaching
them be it day or night. So when you suggest openers please remember I must not come across
creepy, awkward/ needy or desperate/shady.

My answer:

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