7 Movies That Will Improve Your Dating and Relationships

dating (pua) movies

I know that movies don’t always depict reality but this doesn’t mean we can’t learn from them. I mean – learn a lot…

Every movie is based on reality, which means they all have a certain dose of reality in them. Since dating and relationships are a big deal, Hollywood producers couldn’t have missed the opportunity to make entire movies based on the topic.

I chose for you the best of the best movies that will help you in your love life. Enjoy the trailers!

1. Spread

spread movie

A super-hot male model lives the good life even though he’s flat out broke. You could give credit to his looks when it comes to success with women OR you could just pay attention and learn the good stuff (body language, how he talks etc.):

2. Fight Club

fight club movie

Fight club is not just the story of a guy, it’s the story of a generation. A generation forced to work a 9-5 menial job and live a pathetic life. The “fight club” is the only way to get away, to escape the rat race.

3. Roger Dodger

roger dodger

Roger is a little too good with women and, according to him, he takes one home each and every night. Things change, however, when his nephew asks him for help with women.

4. Don Juan de Marco

don juan de marco movie

If you’re the romantic type you do NOT want to miss this one:

5. Californication

californication movie

The TV series Californication is centered around a womanizer who seems to get all the women he wants without even trying. Some of the lines are fantastic… you may want to incorporate them into your game.

6. Hitch

hitch movie

7. The Count Of Monte Cristo

the count of monte cristo

This is more of an inner game movie, kind of like Fight Club, but from a different perspective. The subtext is all about forming your character and becoming a well formed man.

One thought on “7 Movies That Will Improve Your Dating and Relationships

  1. Don’t forget ‘it happened one night’ from 1934,
    gone with the wind,
    vanilla sky with tom cruise,
    the king & I,

    Those would be my extras since you can learn more from classic or older movies. oh and don’t forget james bond.

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