Breast Stimulation: Make Her Melt.

breast cleavage

Ahhh, the amazing breasts. You worked so hard to get to them. You probably even imagined what it would be like to squeeze them in your hands for the first time.

If your girl’s boobies are anything like my ex girlfriend’s, I completely get why you’d want to learn how to know how to touch them. It would be a sin NOT to.

A big secret related to breast stimulation is that doing it also increases vaginal lubrication. As you know, no lube on the market can beat the natural lubricant of a woman’s vagina.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. The first lesson when it comes to breasts stimulation is this: don’t do it! (Well, at least not yet.)

You see, right when you uncover your girl’s breasts for the first time, she feels like her privacy is broken. She knows she wants sex, she knows she’s the one who let you undress her in the first place.

It’s a girl thing. Whenever one of their intimate areas is exposed, they get that feeling that they should stop. (I won’t go into details here, maybe some other time). So let’s dive right into my best stimulation tips, shall we? 🙂

Step 1: hold your horses!

Once her boobs come out, even partially, she expects you to touch them. But for the love of God, don’t do it! Wait a little while longer… let the suspense build up… focus on other parts of her body, like her shoulders or ears.

By now she’s probably wondering:

Why isn’t he touching my breasts? What’s going on?

Here’s the kicker: she’s going to get a weird feeling that will turn her on like a hot oven. She’s going to FEEL the need to be touched on her breasts because, in her mind’s eye, she already saw that happening.

So you’re building anticipation for 10-20 seconds. Don’t stretch it any longer than that or the effect will be gone.

What you can do (if you really want to drive her insane) is to gently touch one of her breasts with one of your fingers, while you focus on another part of her body.

This will create even more anticipation as she just got a *reminder* of what’s about to come.

Another thing you can do is make small talk during those 20 seconds… She’s going to feel EXPOSED when her boobs are out in the open and you feel chatty all of the sudden. Well, “chatty” is not the right word, I suggest you keep your voice somewhere between “chatty” and “sensual”.

Step 2: do it gently…

Unless she’s a half-drunk cheerleader, you shouldn’t start eating her breasts up like cookies. Start touching them slowly, making sure she sits in a comfortable position. Many times guys are too busy to notice that the girl is uncomfortable.

Start touching or kissing one of her boobs, while making sure you stimulate her with one of your free arms. By stimulating her from different directions, you increase her chances of her having an orgasm. Girls need to be stimulated from different directions in order to get there.

Start giving her breasts light kisses. make sure you don’t leave any saliva on them… I know it’s tempting.

During this time, you can even try some dirty talking just to see how she reacts.

When you start touching her breasts with your finger, make sure the strokes are light and that you avoid (for now) the nipples.

Start with one breast (kissing or light touching), then move to the other. They both need the same amount of attention so keep track of how much time you spend on each of them.

The basic movement is circular but feel free to experiment with other types of movements (and see how she reacts).

After 20-30 seconds of stimulation, make sure you give her a nice long french kiss. This is your way of telling her I played with your breasts but I haven’t forgotten about you.

Sounds a little corny? Could, but keep in mind that girls nee to you know you’re making love not sex.

oral stimulation of the nipples

Step 4: Use your mouth

Once she’s comfortable with you touching and massaging her breasts, it’s time to start using your lips and tongue. You can try different things, from licking her nipples with the tip of your tongue to using your full mouth to suck on the entire breast from different angles.

Step 4: Hardcore!

OK, now that she’s comfortable with your touching her breasts and she’s stimulated enough, you can go ahead and *attack* them. Do what you will, she knows you’re a man and that you’ll eventually take what you want.

Still, make sure you don’t drool too much on them, it’s a turn off. And make sure you don’t make her feel uncomfortable… because some of the things you can do to her boobs require you to be careful.

For instance, you can suck on them. If you’re not careful, you’ll put too much pressure and hurt her. The same thing can happen if you slap them or if you try to bite her nipples.

If you’re not sure how hard to do one move or the other, start slow, then do it harder and harder but in small increments.

Pay attention to her reaction as you try different breasts stimulation tactics. Maybe slapping them isn’t her thing. Or, maybe, she’s going to LOVE it when you kiss one breast while massaging the other with your hand.

Step 4: Advanced Tactics

I wasn’t really planning on writing this 4th step but I feel like I’d leave you in the dark without it.

When things get boring, there are plenty of other ways you can stimulate her breasts… Things that will cause her to remember you for the rest of her life (in a positive way, of course).

One of those things is to eat things off them. Think whip cream and honey.

Make sure that whatever you’re about to serve off her is fresh, though. Whip cream can go bad if you don’t consume it the same day. Honey, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem.

Do the steps right and you’re on your way to giving her a very satisfying orgasm. And, if you’re lucky, you might achieve that from breast stimulation alone!

Now, I would show you some breast stimulation videos but it’s not the kind of content that I want to add to my blog. If you want to watch one, though… you know where to find them. 🙂

40 thoughts on “Breast Stimulation: Make Her Melt.

    • I met this lovely lady from a dating site and while she was starting her salad, she asked me what I would really hope to feel great about about our first date… I replied that I would hope that she would tell me if her nipples get erect when gently touched or caressed… With that said, she took my hand and placed on on her breast .. it was east to notice that the nipple was rock hard and she put my fingers back on them when I slowly retreated and expressed my surprise and appreciation for her generous actions… We were soon in my car and we were kissing and she was offering her nipples to me … almost pleading with me to suck harder.. lovely memories..

  1. As a woman let me say that these are excellent pointers, I got turned on just imagining my husband doing them.

    I do want to add to please be very aware of the woman’s reaction. I used to ONLY like having my boobs grabbed/squeezed and thought the whole licking/sucking thing was really weird – instant turn off. After having a kid my boobs are so delightfully sensitive that I want my hubby to do everything in the book to them.

    Pay close attention to how your lady reacts, always!

  2. wow nice i want to do the same my wife doesnt allow me to touch them at all if anybody is there to allow me to suck their boobs if plz.. we are married 5 mnths back and she is pregnant now how can i do this during her pregnancy and that too its a high risk one. i am getting worried about my wife. its 3rd month so plz.. bless my wife and child to be safe
    thank u

  3. My boyfriend likes to suck on my breasts for hours, i get vaginal stimulation and even climax. He will keep on going changing breasts until i beg him to penetrate me. He continues to suck on them even when he is fucking me and it drives me WILD.

    • thats true,

      when i start slowly sucking my wife, and she starts feeling well, she moves her body towards me, and give me more of it, and when she is fully aroused, she opens her legs and remove my paints and hold me to enter while i keep on sucking her nipples and breasts this going on untill she got a huge orgasam.

  4. This is some of the WORST advice I’ve ever seen! Want to know how to really please your woman? ADK HER NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING!

  5. Girls go wild when I cup their boobies then apply a little pressure to them. As for the hard squeezing part, Nigerian girls dont really fancy that as they think it would cause their boobs to loose firmness. Nipple licking tends to drive them girls crazy too but no matter what you do, be sure to always give the two boobies attention at the same time. For instance, you can cup one while sucking on one. Generally, I think girls find breasts stimulation more intresting than your dick in them.
    All the same, nice tips. I never knew I should leave a girls boobies in suspense. Thanks alot 😉

  6. Personally i think this is great advice for every man or lesbian out there, but i think there should be a page for women who are single and need to replace that figure in their life.

  7. My g.f allows me to cup, squeeze and do anything with her boobs but she doesn’t allow my mouth on them yet i really need to have a taste. Advise me on how to make her allow me suck them

  8. I always have my older sisters tease me about it for being more busty than them.That’s because I grew my breasts at an earlier age than they did and they make light of to me that reason.Karin

  9. How do I get my husband to come home?.he tours the world a lot for work and despite having four children: I feel we are ready to have our twins.we have paid insurance on 1 yr already.


  10. A lactating single mom girlfriend always enjoyed my gentle expertise. I caressed them with hands, fingers and mouth, but always gently unless she demanded rough. Using one small and one large suction cup on her firm lightly oiled breasts from hefty underside in circular motion made her moan. So I knew she enjoyed this as her full globe wobbled sexily under the pressure. When I finally worked the puffy areola sliding the larger one and the smaller one on the base and side of her hot pink nipples, she went mindless. She begged for more and asked me to suck them. Reluctantly at first but willingly did so, still gently. Her responses were positive and then she would pump a generous amount after washing up. Interesting interlude, glad I was able to help her needs. It was a regular activity even after weaning her baby.

  11. UHHHHH!
    I wish I had a guy who did this to me. Like dammnnn. I wanna have sex sooo bad!!! But no one wants me.

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