How to Make a Girl Laugh

girl laughing

If there’s one thing I like to do when I’m on a date is to make jokes. Not the silly type, where the girl just laughs politely. I’m talking punchy, relevant, awesome jokes.

I can’t really say how I got this talent, I guess my mind wanders off a lot looking for funny associations. I’ve been known for my humor ever since I was a kid but I really took off when I started going on dates.

The humorous mindset

When you’re relaxed around the other person and when you see them as either below or at the same level with you, you’re in a great position to make jokes.

One of the best ways to make girls laugh is to watch some stand-up comedians. Some of them are really good at conveying high status and, at the same time, make entire audiences laugh out loud. Take a look at DeRay Davis talking about Valentine’s day:

When you’re out with a girl (or a group of people), the funniest jokes are not the ones you tell right after you say “Hey,wanna hear a cool joke?”. Sure, that will work sometimes if the mood is set up right but the real jokes should be spontaneous.

And to make spontaneous jokes you have to do 3 things:

practice, Practice, PRACTICE

At first your jokes won’t come up that easily. Heck, you might even screw it up. Even I screw it up from time to time.

But you have to train your brain just like you would any other muscle: long term and without feeling frustrated that progress is slow.

In the beginning it’s better not to say your jokes out loud. Just think about them in your own head. When you do make a good one, you’ll find yourself smiling. That’s when you know you’re starting to get good at it.

A word about failure

I said earlier that it’s normal to mess it up. Sometimes you offend the person you’re making fun of. Other times the joke simply isn’t funny. Hey, it happens when you’re being spontaneous!

When those awkward moments occur, just use the Hank Moody escape strategy.

You know hank form the famous TV series, Californication?

When he crosses the line, he just says:

“Sorry, bad joke.”

“My bad, this was a bad joke.”

So what is he doing? He’s acknowledging that he screwed up. Then continues to talk like it never happened.

Cool, huh? But why would such a thing work?

It’s simple. He’s paying attention to what other people are thinking. When he screws up, he realizes that and he puts in words what was already in their heads.

(No wonder he screws so many chicks in the movie.)

Anyway, you should be sensitive to what others around you think too. It’s important because only by paying attention to the social situation and to their state of mind can you come up with awesome jokes.

Speaking of Hank Moody, let me share with you some of his jokes. Pay attention not just to WHAT he’s saying but also to HOW he’s saying it:

The amazing thing about Hank’s lines is that he’s a master of squeezing humor into ordinary sentences. He doesn’t just talk normal, then tell a joke and then continue to talk normal. His entire way of talking is embellished with small funny jokes that MAKE SENSE.

Of course, there are dozens of ways to make women laugh. You just have to find your own style (just like in anything else).

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