Don’s Sneaky Trick #1: Pluses and Minuses

giving a girl pluses and minuses

Dude, you will not believe what a friend of mine
did to completely absorb 2 girls in a conversation…

This is so badass I just had to write you about it.

OK, so get this. I was out with a couple of buddies
drinking and having fun, then decided to meet up
with a couple of other friends of mine…

Only thing was, they also had a couple of girls with them.
Nothing strange so far, right?

So I go and meet them at this really unique place
where you’re suppose to take your shoes off…

A mostly dark place full of rugs, pillows,
candles and Bob Marley music. Really chill.

(By the way, if you want to completely
disarm a woman’s resistance to sex
you should definitely take her to a place like this).

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Why Being Popular is Not As Important As You Think

popular guy surrounded by girls

I have a confession to make: I couldn’t care less about celebrities and popularity in general. In fact, I’m somewhat against it.

Whenever I meet someone who’s popular, I’m treating them like I would any other person (I’ll explain why in a moment), and they seem somewhat disturbed by this.

What? This guy sin’t giving me the power I deserve?

They seem intrigued and automatically recognize me as someone with AT LEAST as much power as they have. And this – you guessed it – automatically raises MY status.

David DeAngelo calls this “not giving your power away”.

And why should we? What have THEY done for me to deserve my full attention?

You see, whenever I meet someone (old or new acquaintance), they start from point zero. It doesn’t matter who they are. If we get along, I give them more attention as we start to become friends. If we don’t, I ignore them.

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The Lollipop

a girl and a lollipop

Why do we delay to try things that others swear they work for years and years? We end up banging our heads against the wall for not doing it sooner and for losing dozens and dozens of good interactions with girls.

Because the lollipop… it’s just one of those things that gets women to approach you. Here’s what happened.

A couple of nights ago I went out with this new friend of mine that I made in the club (friend of a friend of a friend). We go to a nearby store and he buys a lollipop. I figured it was a little too much, but then he went on to tell me how a lot of girls will just try and pull it out of his mouth.

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Best Places To Touch a Girl And Make Her Horny

guy kissing girl

Girls are riddles. No matter how well you think you know one, the other one is completely different. And I’m not talking about just personality and looks here. Even some of the things that are straightforward with guys are different from girl to girl.

Touching them and getting them horny is a never-ending challenge, that up until now was overcome only by the most experienced of men. For the rest of us, it was a series of never ending awkwardness.

Things are about to change. Science, once again, comes to our aid.

Are you familiar with the hormone called oxytocin? To put it simple, oxytocin sends a rush of testosterone through a girl’s body, similar to when she’s at the gym lifting weights.

But for this to happen, she needs to feel attraction for you and be comfortable with your around her. Otherwise this will NOT work.

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3 HUGE Mistakes Guys Make In Clubs

hot girls in clubsHey,

I‘m getting tired of this…

Guys make the same mistakes OVER and OVER again in clubs..

And some of them are my friends!

I’m sick of it. I’ve been seeing them for the past 5 years straight.

It’s as if all the dating info that’s been around all those years was never read.

Well, I hope you read this email because it might be the most important piece of dating information you will ever read.

Saturday I went out with a few buddies to celebrate my b-day…

After about an hour, this dude approaches me in the bathroom, telling me his hot girl friend wants to meet me.

Red dress, long legs, skinny, cute face.

A month ago, this really sexy brunette whose ass I still remember wanted to take a photo with me.

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7 Critical Day Game Mistakes (Updated)

hot woman in the street

I can still remember my first real “day game approach”. It was evening, actually. Me and my first wingman approached this shy librarian girl together. And although that’s an obvious mistake to make, things well pretty well. We “almost” got her number.

Things changed a lot for me since I first started. I bet that if I saw a tape of me doing my first approaches, I’d laugh my ass off.

Sadly, the guys who start with day game make the same mistakes I did. Which is why I wrote this article.

The one issue I have with most guys reading this is that they won’t believe me. Some of you might say “This won’t work” or “You don’t really need to do this”.

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Step-By-Step Guide to Meeting Women In Bars

girls in bar having drinks

Regardless of how much online dating advanced over the past few years (particularly with the rise of Facebook), meeting women face to face is still manly and cool. Right now I do a combination of both but, if I had to choose between the online and offline, I’d be every night in bars and clubs.

So. A step by step guide to meeting women in bars. I don’t want you thinking that these steps are so rigid that you have to use them on every interaction. Quite the opposite.

Meeting women in bars is something extremely fluid and requires a lot of improvisation. But it’s not as hard as you think. So let’s take it one step at a time.

Step 1: Getting into the mood

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Getting laid in less than an hour?

hot miniskirt

I‘m shocked. There’s an epidemic of “get laid quick” products out there that have literally flooded the Internet.

One promises you to get laid within the hour.

Another raises the bar to 10 minutes.

Yet another one promises you can get any girl horny in 10 seconds.

Where will this end?

If you’ve been dating for some time now, you know very well how things go. It’s very rare to take a girl back to your place so fast. And she’s usually not the one you want to end up with.

But these types of products are in the grey area, and I want to do something about it.

First off: I want to set the records straight. No, there are not men out there who can get any girl in 10 minutes or less. Some of them can, but that doesn’t happen very often. Plus, these guys have it all, including game.

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How To Talk To Girls On Facebook

facebook girl avatar

A lot of guys screw most of the interactions they have on Facebook when they write their very first message. Ask any hot girl and she will tell you.

Her inbox is flooded with chody messages she doesn’t even read.

Come on, admit it. Most of the messages you yourself send remain unanswered. Now you know why.

But what about the solution? How can you get girl living dozens or even hundreds of miles away to be interested in you in a sexual way?

Let me tell you how I do it.

Rule number one is that I don’t rush to send them private messages… Not yet at least. In fact, my goal is to get THEM to message me first. This will subconsciously get them to think that they want me more than I want them.

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What if SHE Approaches You?

girl talking with guy

I didn’t actually think of doing this last night when I was approached by this hot girl, but I can see how this can be a problem for some guys.

Every so often a girl will approach you, wanting to meet you. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times it’s not. The fact of the matter is, this is a different ball game and you need to know how to play it.

Let’s start with a few facts.

Fact #1: the girl will most likely not be hotter than you.

That’s right. Just like we want to be and approach with women who are out of our league, girls will do the same. They can get an average guy all day long so, if she’s approaching you, she might not be all that you want in a woman.

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