The Best Day Game Opener?

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I figured that, since I’m answering questions over e-mail to my customers, I could help others who didn’t (yet) purchase by making my answers public… well, some of them.

Here’s what one happy customer writes:

I want you to give me 2 openers which I can use every time. One “direct neutral” and one

Let me give you the types of situations where I need a conversation starter:

1. I am in out shopping/in a mall/ in a library
2. Walking on street
3. Waiting at a bus stop or travelling next with someone I want to approach

When you give me openers please understand women here are shit scared of strangers approaching
them be it day or night. So when you suggest openers please remember I must not come across
creepy, awkward/ needy or desperate/shady.

My answer:

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7 Critical Day Game Mistakes (Updated)

hot woman in the street

I can still remember my first real “day game approach”. It was evening, actually. Me and my first wingman approached this shy librarian girl together. And although that’s an obvious mistake to make, things well pretty well. We “almost” got her number.

Things changed a lot for me since I first started. I bet that if I saw a tape of me doing my first approaches, I’d laugh my ass off.

Sadly, the guys who start with day game make the same mistakes I did. Which is why I wrote this article.

The one issue I have with most guys reading this is that they won’t believe me. Some of you might say “This won’t work” or “You don’t really need to do this”.

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