How I Threw Away All My Shirts This Summer

man throwing away shirt

Ahh, the amazing shirt. It works with jeans, it works with suits… it works at weddings as well at the beach. Every man with minimum style knowledge knows how important this fashion item is in his wardrobe.

Well, I “threw away” all of mine.

OK, I didn’t throw them away in the actual sense of the word. They’ve been sitting in my closet for a few days as I didn’t even look at them when I dressed to go out.

Reason? I found something better. With temperatures sky-high, I found refuge with a garment that I haven’t really worn that much since I started my style journey.

That garment is the t-shirt.

I know I know. You can’t wear ties with it. Plus, it doesn’t have the majestic collar that shirts have that has always been a fashion statement in itself.

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The New Rules Of Peacocking


… if done right.

But for those of you who aren’t aware of what peacocking is, let’s give a quick definition first.

Peacocking is essentially wearing clothes that stand out with the direct intent to seduce women.

Initially, the old-school PUAs were wearing some pretty far fetched outfits. And, according to them, it worked. Of course, we need to keep in mind that these guys were amazing with women with or without fancy clothes.

Nevertheless, women responded to outfits such as these:

mystery and style peacoking

Now, I know what you’re saying: I wouldn’t wear that in a million years!

Not a problem! You won’t have to. We’ll get there but, for now, it suffices to say that women do respond to edgy outfits. The key word here is respond. They didn’t have to like it in order for you to get them… because they won’t be with your for your clothes, they’ll be with you for who you are.

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3 Weird Style Tricks That Spark Attraction

rolled up cuff and leather bracelet

You’re probably well aware that style is something most women are very attracted to. If you’ve ever gone to a club wearing extremelty stylish clothes, you probably saw with your own eyes the difference. Women seem to check you out more, it’s easier to get the phone number, the first date and so one.

Style is a good lubricant for social interactions.

The thing is, you don’t have to dress to stand out to stand out, if you know what I mean. Sure, you can wear blod colors and attrat every eye in the room. I’ve done it and I still do it. But you don’t HAVE to. There are some weird tricks that most men don’t know that don’t attract too much attention, yet they help spark taht attraction once you’re talking with someone.

rolled up shirt cuffs

#1 – Rolling up your cuffs

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Why a brand new suit adds style and confidence

bespoke suit

There’s something about bespoke tailoring that exudes a style and confidence unmatched by others. Here are some of the things that make bespoke tailored suits the best one can find. It all comes down to the fit.

When something just fits

A brand new suit is specifically tailored to your dimensions so that your body shape is accentuated, yet you can move freely and naturally. There is a genius in its craftsmanship that’s held in secrecy and handed down by generations of tailors.

Each suit is cut uniquely to its owner, no two bespoke suits are the same.

Style is timeless

When deciding on a brand new suit, finding a suit that will never loose it’s style and has classic tailoring is essential. Looking for fabrics and colours that match the suits use and the owner is also important. Seek the careful eye of a skilled Germanicos tailor for guidance.

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Accessories that are Changing the Game

accessorized guy in purple polo shirt

In the beginning there was a magician’s hat and a pair of goggles. Mystery, the man who brought the explosion of The Game (because he wasn’t really the first one) was wearing these eccentric accessories on his magic shows to get women’s phone numbers. He called this the peacocking theory.


Of course, most guys didn’t know what to make of them. The idea of dressing “cool” or “like a bad boy” was out there but few people thought of digging deeper.

Sometimes, when you dig just a little deeper, you find gold.

Accessories such as a magician’s hat or a pair of goggles may do the trick for some guys but there are alternatives. I call these… accessories that are changing the game.

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Sports Jackets versus Blazers

man with a dark grey sports jacekt and white shirt

You might expect this article to be called simply “Blazers”. And that’s ok. Most people don’t know the difference between a sports jacket and a blazer. You will, by the end of this article (plus I’ll give you some great tips on how to wear them).

First, let’s see which is which.

The blazer and the sports jacket are two very similar garments. You can view them both as two types of less formal suit jackets.

In other words, if you love suits but love being casual at the same time, a blazer or a sports jacket will do the trick.

The difference between them is that the blazer is a little more formal. It comes in solid colors only. Plus, blazers usually have meta buttons (gold or silver). Since it was originally worn by the Navy, you’ll often see naval markings on them.

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Dressing on a Budget – My Best Guarded Tips

brown pinstripe suit on a hanger

Clothes can be expensive, especially if you need to look your best each and every day.

Maybe you’re single and you want to get the girl of your dreams. Maybe you have a job in selling and you need lots of business clothes in your wardrobe. Or maybe you’re just a regular guy passionate about style.

I’ve been carefully studying style like a maniac for the past few years and I’ve learned a lot. Since I’m under 30, one of my main goals with style was to spend as little money as possible.

I learned a lot of tricks along the way that helped me save tons of money. And I’m going to give you a few of my absolute BEST tips.

Tip #1: Buy as much as you can in the off season

… even if this means spending more than you should.

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