Lifestyle God: Carlos Xuma

carlos xuma

To stand the test of time as a dating guru, beyond all those techniques, tips and tactics, you have to have real game.

Carlos is one of those guys. He’s one of the gurus that started teaching dating and seduction before the community exploded.

Sure enough, he stood the test of time. He became featured on some huge websites, publications, as well as on TV: FHM,, Playboy Radio, Sex With Emily, David DeAngelo’s Interviews With Dating Gurus, World Talk Radio, and ABC 7 in San Francisco.

You will learn more in one night of real life approaching than you will in a month of reading about it…

– Carlos Xuma

Carlos authored a few amazing products that still sell like hotcakes, years after their release:

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Lifestyle God: Gregory Peck

gregory peck

We’re starting today a series of articles that, in my opinion, should be read and re-read by as many teenagers as possible.

Leaving aside all the concepts about power and improving oneself, what we NEED are role models. I grew up not having too many of them… and the ones I have were just people I would read about in books and on the Internet.

But that’s not enough to dissect what made them so successful so we can apply some of the gems we find in their past is it?

So let’s start digging up these amazing men. Let’s see what they did, how they did it. Let’s also call them… lifestyle gods. Because their lives were truly worth living.

Our first God: Gregory Peck… an American actor very popular in the 1950s.

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