How Often Should You Message a Girl?

girl sending a text message

So we spoke a while back about what are some of the best text openers for girls. But that’s only half the story in order to get her to come on a first date.

The other half is timing.

You don’t want to be too pushy but you don’t want to be too apathetic either.

So which is it?

What’s the right frequency?

The answer, as you may have guessed… is that there is no right answer.

Girls, just like us, have different opinions on text messaging. Some of them are ninjas and can type on their cells faster than I can type on my laptop. Others think that any man who would use text to get them to go on a first date is not man enough.

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How To Text Your Ex Back

Relationship coach and author Michael Fiore shares with you how you can get your ex girlfriend back. For the video version of this click here:

==> How To Text Your Ex Back Video

You ever let a woman go and then wish, more than anything, together to come back?

Hi, this is Mike Fiore and in the article below, I will show you how to use tiny little text messages, sent from the cell-phone you’ve got in your pocket RIGHT NOW, to get your ex-girlfriend to forgive you for everything you feel like you’ve done wrong.

To forget once and for all about any other man and to do anything she has to to wrap herself in your arms again, begging for your forgiveness, fighting for your attention, and swearing up and down that getting back together is 100% her idea.

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From Texting to The First Date

texting a girl

OK, so you’re getting good at texting girls. Your phone is literally a magnet that gets women into the comfort zone. You’re IN.

But here’s what happens. Once you start texting back and forth, she’ll soon become some comfortable with this that she won’t FEEL the NEED to SEE you. You’ve just become text buddies.

Well, that sucks! … This is THE friends zone of texting.

We know about the “friends zone” problem ,right? And we know what the solution is: to prevent it from happening.

Text friends zone is much worse that just friends zone… because you don’t even get to see her. She can’t see you, you can’t make any moves and she doesn’t even have to respond to your texts.

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Texting or calling?

cell phone

This question is always tough. No matter how much experience you have, it’s difficult to try and foresee whether it’s best to re initiate the conversation by texting or by calling.

If you already know you’re going to start texting, I’ve already written some kick-ass text openers here (that take into consideration the type of girl you’re dealing with <-- very important). But if you're not sure, let me tell you why I think that telephoning is important. If you've done any selling at all, you probably know that you get the best results when dealing face-to-face with your prospect. You get the second best results on the phone and you get the "worst" results when communicating by e-mail. This works the same way with girls. The more alive the interaction is, the better your response. Of course, the whole point in taking her number is so that you can see her another time, but why is telephoning better than texting? The difference is obvious, once you learn to recognize it: she can hear your voice. When she hears your voice, it's much easier for you to "suck her into the conversation". The second big reason is that you can respond to her objections in real time. Since you guys don't know each-other very well (and you haven't done it yet), she's always going to try to crash and burn your interaction. Women have been doing that since the beginning of the world and technology is one more way in which they can do that to guys. 🙂 Anyway, texting is slow and it takes a while for her to answer. It's easy for you to fall into the "neediness trap" and respond faster and faster to her messages, while she takes more and more time to respond. With voice calls, that never happens. You're both talking like you would face to face so you're free to play your game as you like. The third and final reason is that a girl will perceive a man who texts as less dominant than one who makes the call directly. Depending on the type of girl, you might have to think for a few minutes how you want to start the interaction. Does this mean that texting is bad?

Of course not. Texting is great. I’ve actually had text conversations with girls of 30 or 40 messages each in one night. It was really cool.

But the real question I want to answer right now is should you start by making the phone call or by texting? In my experience, being ballsy is always best, so start with the phone-call. You’ll have plenty of time to text later.

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Text Openers For Any Type Of Girl

guy texting a girl

Texting is cool. Texting is really cool. I’ve been doing it with 3 girls over the past couple of weeks and it’s so much easier to get them on the phone than to call directly and face the increased chances of being rejected.

Ok, before I show you the magic lines that work, let’s set some context.

You can’t just blindly write the messages that I give you to any girl. Each girl is unique (yeah, I’m sick of saying it, you’re sick of hearing it) and certain text lines work best on certain types of women.


The goal of the first SMS is to establish a communication channel and to get her on a date as soon as possible. Calling isn’t even necessary to establish the date, except maybe half an hour before the meeting, when it’s ok to call and ask for confirmation.

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