Secrets to making her laugh and getting into her panties

hot girl laughing

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times:

Make her laugh. Women love to laugh!

I also bet you’ve heard this a few times as well:

Dude, I’m not making any girl laugh. I’m no clown. I’m a real man, being authentic and upfront about sex is what gets them into bed.

There’s a lot of CONFUSION on whether humor works with girls or not, and I’m here to set things straight.

People who are usually in favor or against this or that way of getting girls usually see the world only through their own eyes. If they’re not naturally funny, they assume everyone should be like them and focus on THEIR strengths in order to game chicks.

Well, guess what? THEIR strengths aren’t necessarily YOUR strengths.

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Let’s Have A Chat About “Value”

guy making a group laugh

We know so much about women and yet,
the closest we got to knowing what women want is…


Kind of vague, isn’t it?

Dating gurus are fighting to demystify it
and they still haven’t reached a common agreement.

And I get that. But here’s what I don’t get.

Value can mean different things to different girls.
Why would one think that being funny and challenging
is all it takes to build value?

Value is not just something you bring
to the table in the moment, guys.

Ever thought about building long-term value?
You know, for long-term relationships.
(Read, long-term fvck buddy…)

I’m gonna explain what I mean in a minute
but first, let me

Here’s the death trap of building value…

Most guys think that the only way to building value
is by putting a lot of energy into being fun and challenging…

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The 5 Shittiest Problems That Prevent You From Getting Laid

guy with no chances of getting girls

Ok, so I used the word “shitty” right in the darn title of this article. Big deal. I have a reason for it.

Here it is: I used to SUCK with girls to the point that I would get super nervous when I knew an interaction was inevitable.

And now? I just got called by a 3rd dude today specifically for my talents with getting girls. I may not be the best but know my stuff. I got rid of those shitty problems and I want the same for you in this article.

The reason you have them is because you can’t put a name to them. You can’t express them in words. I’m not only gonna do that, but I’m also gonna spoonfeed you the solution.

Issue #1: She don’t want no short dick man

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Casual Sex Correlated With High Anxiety Levels And Depression (Study)

At least that’s what a study made by the Journal of Sex Research reveals. It’s natural if you ask me, chasing quick sex past a certain level is steering you away form the mature man you want to become.

It all makes sense now. The need for sex hide beneath it far more deeper problems. The fact of the matter is, no matter how much of a player a guy is, he just wants to be loved. To have a careful, sensitive, good looking woman in his life who wants him for who he is.

I’m all for casual sex as long as you don’t make that your live’s purpose. But if you have done this mistake, it’s time you and I had a chat.

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Girls Having Orgasms From Different Stimuli

girl having orgasm

Some might say she’s faking, yet it is entirely possible that the low frequency sounds could cause such a reaction from her. Take a look:

Speaking of crazy orgasms, this reminds me of another girl who had an orgasm on a roller coaster. Check it out:

And how about this one? An orgasm caused just by touching her neck and arms:

And take a lok at this girl who gets really turned on when a guy is giving her a tattoo on her lower back:

Last one. This old movie shows a man giving a woman an orgasm on stage.

What do you think, fake or not?

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