Does Having a Car Really Matter With Girls?

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The short answer: it depends.

The long answer: you have to consider what a car symbolizes. You have to first understand that it’s much more than just a vehicle of transportation.

Once you get that, you have to figure out what your car says about you.

Sounds hard? Don’t worry. I’ll solve all those puzzles for you in this article.

I’m a shocked as to why most dating gurus tell guys that you don’t need a car in order to get women.

That may be true but there’s a question of WHAT KIND OF WOMEN ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?

Look, a car is a big deal. Girls are interested in a man’s car even if they’re only looking for sex.

How do I know? Besides the fact that most guys with cars that I know get hotter girls than those who don’t have one… just look around in the street.

The hotter the car, the hotter the girl and I’m not talking about expensive cars. This “rule” applies to ALL CARS.

A car is a symbol of status and power and, if you don’t know what those are, please check the articles from the Power section of this site.

Just how a girls likes a man with confidence, girls like guys who have a car. The more expensive the car the better, yet really expensive cars tend to pull you back.

One of the common questions that girls ask each-other when one of them says she’s dating a guy is

What kind of car does he have?

A nice car scores you points when you’re dating girls. Just like nice clothes, confidence, cool peers, determination, making a girl laugh, looks, having big muscles and all those other things score points.

I can’t say which of those areas you should be focusing on in order to gather enough points. I know confidence and having a purpose in life are A MUST.

But the superficial things that score you points (working out, having a nice car and wearing nice clothes) are up to you. If you have cars but like working out like crazy then, by all means, forget about this article and go pump those biceps.

But if the idea of having a car is even mildly interesting to you, then why not do it?

Think of all the advantages of having a great car:

– You don’t have to take the bus every day (I don’t know about the transportation in your area but here it’s super-crowded)
– You might discover a new passion: driving
– You might discover that you like to start tuning up your car and learn about how it works
– If a girl says she can’t come to a date because she doesn’t have a bus to bet back, you can offer to drive her. Sure, if she really likes you, she’ll spend money on a cab but, if this is your first date and she doesn’t really know you, coming on that first date is not really important to her. Making it easy for her by picking her up and dropping her back home might just make it easier enough that she’ll say yes. Otherwise, you’ll just postpone that date for another time and – needless to say – you might never see her.
– Street pick-up will be 10 times more fun (I’ll talk about that in a moment)

Ok, I talked about the benefits of having a car but does this mean you should buy one right now? Heck no.

If you’re young, you might have other things to worry about than getting a car to pick-up chicks. A good car is expensive and you shouldn’t spend all your money on it. Maintenance is expensive, insurance is expensive and gas is super-expensive.

Just put it out there on your wishlist and start finding ways to make enough money to get it. But DO NOT give up pick-up just because you don’t have 4 wheels.

A word about street pick-up from a car

I’ve done lots of street pick-up both with a car and on foot. By far with a car is more fun. In fact, I hot a phone number a few days ago totally unplanned. If I had taken the bus I wouldn’t have run into her.

The benefits of doing street pick-up from a car are huge:

– You’re less exhausted from driving than from walking
– You over a larger area with your car and thus increase your chances of finding hot girls
– It’s more fun. You listen to music as loud as you want and feel like a pimp

The downsides aren’t many but are worth being taken into consideration:

– Driving costs you gas money
– You won’t want to do on-foot street pick-up. I think this is bad because doing it on foot is more… challenging IMO. Ideally you should be doing both.

So, to answer the initial question, does having a car help with girls?

In most cases, yes, but you should consider your situation. If you’re young and/or you don’t have a lot of money, it might be good to postpone getting a car. Try getting a high-paying job first or start a business. In the long run, it’s the most mature thing to do. That’s how I did it.

4 thoughts on “Does Having a Car Really Matter With Girls?

  1. Lol
    What an interesting article, yes my dude I wouldn’t agree u just hit the nail on the head

    Without a car ,hmmmm it’s kinda hard to get things done,with a car you can do anything and go anywhere


  2. It’s true, but I think it is more of a society thing. I don’t drive by choice. I am 34 years old. I also don’t bum rides all the time and all that crap. I get where I need to go one way or another without paying for a car, insurance, gas, maintenance etc.. But I’ve learned that say you are a 10 on the hot guy scale, if you don’t have a car, you automatically drop down to a 5. Not having a car instantly cuts your score in half with 95% of women. Of course not a single woman can come up with an moral and ethical reason why her attraction to you depends on a car. It kinda pisses me off, I’m no bum, I work up to 70 hours a week, I have full benefits yadda yadda, and I’m a decent looking guy, and I’m a really good guy. I actually had one woman get outright mean when I told her I don’t have a car. I told her maybe she should wonder why she is single and grow up a bit rather than worry about me not having a car, and that was that. Was going good until that point, she was into me then BAM complete rudeness. Women want to be equals, drive you own asses around town. It’s all on society. Gone are the days of being a good man and supporting your family being enough. Now you have to have a nice car, a nice place, this and that, yadda yadda, so honestly, screw you ladies, what do you do to deserve me?, looking nice doesn’t count for shit either, so why should I have to jump through hoops and pass your childish checklist. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in general women are horrible human beings, but they are not born that way. But it’s true, if you want the girl get a car. It’s fucked up but true.

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