Don’s Sneaky Trick #1: Pluses and Minuses

giving a girl pluses and minuses

Dude, you will not believe what a friend of mine
did to completely absorb 2 girls in a conversation…

This is so badass I just had to write you about it.

OK, so get this. I was out with a couple of buddies
drinking and having fun, then decided to meet up
with a couple of other friends of mine…

Only thing was, they also had a couple of girls with them.
Nothing strange so far, right?

So I go and meet them at this really unique place
where you’re suppose to take your shoes off…

A mostly dark place full of rugs, pillows,
candles and Bob Marley music. Really chill.

(By the way, if you want to completely
disarm a woman’s resistance to sex
you should definitely take her to a place like this).

Anyway, all four of them were sitting around
a small wooden table, each with a glass of wine
in front of them.

I won’t give you the details of what all 5 of us
talked about before we hit the clubs, rest assured
each and every minute of the conversation was FUN.

But there’s this one trick one of my buddies
pulled that made my jaw drop.

Please note that these chicks were friends
with my other FRIEND. The guy I’m talking about
just met them that night.

Long story short, whenever the girl would say something
he liked, he would give her a PLUS. Whenever she would
say something she didn’t, she would get a MINUS.

He didn’t keep track of them, though, the girl should.


If the girl would say something really cool or
if she had something in common with him,
she would get 3 or 5 pluses…

Heck, he even gave ME 3 pluses just because I knew him!

Get it? You fvck around with pluses or minuses
and the chicks will LOVE it.

And if there’re guys in the group – guess what?
Just give them all the pluses and minuses you can!

They’re free, you know.

This weird trick will establish you as
an authority within the group as long as
one of the girls buys into in and plays along.

Caveat: whatever you do, do NOT start this
by giving pluses and minuses to guys…

Start with the girls. Moving to guys is just a
twist to make things even funnier.

Ok, let’s do a little practice to get this trick
under your belt, shall we?

Prerequisite: an “ok” conversation with a gril or a group.

Context: The girl says something you like or dislike.

How you start: Start by approving or disapproving
what she says. It’s important that SHE says something
before you do this. SHE has to be ACTIVELY engaged
in the conversation.

For instance:

We went to the same high school? No way!


You like horror movies too? Hahaha.

The meat of the trick: Now that you have a REASON,
it’s ok to give her pluses and minuses

Why is this weird? Because girls respond to it
so well (like the two hotties from last Friday)
that, unless you see it for yourself, you might think
it’s… well, just a little cheesy.

WRONG! Girls like to be teased, to play and have fun,
even if they’re over 30. Try it and be amazed! 🙂

What NOT to do: Do NOT use this if you’re
the only one talking. For instance, the following

The following just sounds like a cheesy compliment:

Her (silent)
You: So, I see you’re wearing leather pants.
I’m giving you 2 pluses for that, I love’em!

If you give her a minus without her being engaged,
it’s just gonna sound mean:

Her (silent)
You: So, I see you’re wearing leather pants.
I’m giving you 2 minuses for that, they’re not that stylish…

Remember: she has to be actively be talking
with you, even if it’s just fluff stuff.

In fact, it’s BETTER if the two of you are small talking
because this trick will amp up the attraction really fast.

And now for the big question: do you begin
by giving her a plus or a minus?

It depends on the conversation and your feeling.

A Sensual Hunter has a feel for where a girl is
emotionally speaking.

Is she playing hard to get? Give her a minus.

Is she really into you? Give her a plus.

Is she neutral? Use your best judgement.

Where do you take it from here?

First of all, promise me one thing: don’t abuse this.
Don’t give her pluses and minuses every two minutes.

Do it once, then do it after 5-6 minutes.

After doing it 3 or 4 times you should forget about it
or make fun of it:

Hey, I’ve given you so many pluses and minuses tonight…
I’m thinking of becoming a teacher, what do you think?


Ok, I’m not giving you anymore pluses, you’re practically
begging for them like a crack addict.

Get it? Good…

Now let’s get’em,

The lifestyle god

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