Foreplay Tips From a Master

man and woman during foreplay

If there’s one thing that absolutely guarantees great sex, that would be, you guessed it, foreplay.

I know there are a lot of articles out there that barely scratch the surface with this. Shallow is not what we’re looking for here.

I want to give you a thorough description of my best foreplay tips, that I tested over and over again.

Best part: they work on 99% of women. And, when they don’t, it’s because of some outside factor (maybe she’s on her period?).

Anywhoo, let’s get cracking. My #1 tip is…

Tip #1: Be dominant

… yet not impulsive. Women know you’re the guy. They’ve been seeing themselves as little princesses ever since they were 5 years old. The knight in shinign armor swoops them away. He’s dominant yet gentle. He takes the lead yet he’s never in a rush to get into her panties.

Your job is to be that guy (without the stupid shining armor, of course).

I can hear you ask: what if she’ll have a bad reaction? I’ve seen it happened. Heck, it even happen to me a couple of times.

But I learned the queues. I know have signals that tell me “ok, buddy, if you’re gonna kiss her or put your arm on her leg she’s going to be fine with it”.

How do I know that? Hold on, this will blow you away.

Before you get dominant phisically, try to be dominant verbally. See how she reacts. If she’s ok with it, it’s time to take it one step further.

You have to say things like:

“Yeah, I used to tell girls that I’ll kiss them right there in front of everybody if they didn’t tell me by my nick name instead of my first name. Most of them did so but one of them just started laughing. That’s when I just took her head in my hands and kissed her.”

You see what we did here? You described yourself as being dominant. You also showed that the girl liked it. This only means that she’ll HAVE to like it as well.

But will she? Maybe that little story will put her off a little. No biggie. That’s your que taht she’s not ready to be kissed yet. Just continue with normal conversation and try again alter (using a different story of course).

There you have it: that’s my best tip. Be dominant verbally, then if she’s ok with it, be dominant physically.

A few canned lines for moving things forward:
“I’d really like something… I really want to kiss you”
“You know what I was thinking? What? That it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if we kissed.”

Tip #2 Step back

Sorry that I don’t have a top 10 foreplay tips for you but you don’t really need that many.

I found that, with foreplay, 2 techniques are enough, or else you won’t be able to focus on the both of you enjoying the interaction.

My second tip is a complement of the first one: from time to time you have to just… step back.

The order is not without intent. You have to already BE dominant in order to step back. If you sense that she doesn’t like it, it’s probably because you haven’t demonstrated high value to her. Work on that. Show her why you’re too cool to pass. After that apply foreplay tip #1. And after that – you guessed it – it’s foreplay tip #2: take a break.

You probably hear this in the form of “taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back”. But I think that nameis misleading. You might need to take 5 steps forward and 1 back if shes’ just THAT MUCH into you.

Up to you to figure out. After you’ve taken a break form being dominant, it’s time to start pushing things again. If she doesn’t like it, do a little more higher value demonstrations.

But there’s a big question here: WHEN should you step back?

The simple answer: when she says no (or acts as if it’s a no).
Taking your hand from her leg/breast/panties is your queue to step back.

When she says “NO” on a serious tone, it’s really a no. Either the foreplay is too fast or your’re doing something else wrong.
Whatever it is, stop advancing, else you stand an excellent chance of losing her.

For how long should you step back? Usually a couple of minutes.

But HEY! Stepping back doesn’t mean you should take a break and go to the bathroom. Stepping back is all about connection.

Ask her about herself. Fluff talk. Don’t go too deep or else she’ll think you’re trying to impress her to get her into bed.

She’s already impressed but some girls just like to take it slower.

I remember this one really hot girl. We were in my car. She was wearing her bra and jeans and she was on top of me.

I was desperately trying to do her. But she just wouldn’t let me.

“Why?” I asked.

“I had sex with a guy form the first date. I didn’t like it the next day. I felt dirty.” she replied

“Are you wet right now?” I asked

“A little.” she admitted.

I f***ed her on our 2nd date.

You see, each girl has a top speed with which she wants things to advance. This depends a lot on you and how she perceives you, of course, but if she says “stop” it may not be your fault.

Foreplay is different form girl to girl, you just have to distinguish 2 situations:

1. When she says no because she wants you but not yet.
2. When she says no because she doesn’t want you at all.

You HAVE to know which one it is. If it’s the second one, you have to build up that value for yourself. She’s probably thinking you just another guy who wants to f**k her. But if you use those aces up your sleeve she WILL be with you. Because you showed her you’re special.

All right, those were my two tips. 2 easy foreplay tips that work just as well on the first as well as on your first time in bed with her.


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  1. What about treating her like a goddess?? What about making her feel good about herself, about building her up. Don’t brag about yourself because thinking that you’re so cool that she could never pass up the opportunity to let you fuck her, is annoying and idiotic.

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