G-Spot Orgasms Step By Step

woman having orgasm

So you have a girl. A girl that you like and you’d like to impress and get her in bed with you. Or, maybe, you have several girls that you’re interested in.

You’re looking to take the first step into the unknown and penetrate (pun intended) the female G-spot orgasm.

You’re in the right place. I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to give you woman not just “a orgasm” but “the orgasm”. I’m not talking about the small orgasms that you won’t even notice, but the loud, earth-shattering type all women crave.

You’ll learn how to give them full body orgasms and probably even make them sexually addicted to you.

Fact: all women are capable of achieving g-spot orgasms.

This is the great news. It will give you a huge self-confidence to KNOW that you can make any woman reach “le petit mort” (as the French call the orgasm).

But that’s not all. In time, the woman will learn to even have multiple vaginal orgasms. The more you practice, the more she will

a) grow more accustomed with you and trust you more

b) become more “orgasmic” so she will reach vaginal orgasms faster

Sounds too good to be true, right? Stick with me, the journey is only beginning.

But first, where exactly is the G-spot? I’ve read in numerous places that the G-spot is this hidden mythical place that most women can’t find.

Baloney. All women have a G-spot and it’s easy to find and stimulate. The photo below shows where that it.

g spot diagram

The g-spot is located 1-2 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. It feels like a small bump and, when she gets aroused, you’ll feel it swell (as you continue to stimulate it).

Let’s start with the basic G-spot technique. You might be familiar with this already but I bet you don’t know the little details that make all the difference.

Let me hit you with the first one right from the get-go.

You need plenty of lube. Even if she gets really wet, extra lubricant will make the G-spot stimulation more efficient.

You’re going to apply a lot of pressure on the G-spot so it’s best that you have plenty of lubrication.

Before you begin the stimulation (preferably before you meet the girl), check your fingers. Your finger nails should be well manicured, otherwise your partner will feel uncomfortable when she’ll feel them inside of her.

While you’re at it, check for dead skin on your fingers too. This will make her feel uncomfortable as you move your fingers back and forth inside her vagina.

To begin, insert your finger in and up the vagina, but only for about 1-2 inches. That’s probably up to the second knuckle if you have average-size hands.

Once you find the g-spot, you have to start curling your finger as if you’re doing a “come here” motion. Do it slowly in the beginning as you’ll have plenty of time to increase the speed.

By slowly I don’t mean “barely touching the g-spot”, but in a slow motion. You really want to put some pressure on it. This isn’t a light touch, don’t be afraid of it. Start with short strokes and continue with longer and longer strokes.

After a few minutes, if you feel she’s really aroused, you may go ahead and insert a second finger, to put even more pressure on the woman’s g-spot.

That’s it. Nothing to it. The only question left is how long do you have to keep this up until she orgasms.

This really depends on the woman and if she’s ever had vaginal orgasms before. A good number of women never did, believe it or not, so always expect that it can take a full 30 minutes of continuous stimulation.

Just find a relaxed position if you see she’s not responding, start caressing her with your free hand (while continuing the g-spot stimulation).

How do you know she’s had the g-spot orgasm?

Moaning and screaming might not be the way the orgasm manifests. At least not the first few times you have sex. One way to tell is that you’ll feel her vagina’s walls squeeze your finger while you stimulate her. Another way is to place another finger up her anus and feel that squeeze right before she cums.

Either way, you can ask her about it when you finish, so you know how to prepare for next time.

The best positions that stimulate the G-Spot

Although some people think that the missionary position is the best one for this kind of stimulation, there are actually better ones. In fact, you won’t know which of these is the one your girl will respond better to.

My advice would be to try all the positions above, to find out in which one she has her orgasms and then, to use all of them and save THAT position for the grand finale. Makes sense?

So, the best positions for G-spot stimulation are:

the missionary position with legs raised up

missionary with legs raised up

… cowgirl…

cowgirl position

… spooning…


… and face to face…

face to face position

The “face to face” position is also the most sensual as you get to look your lover in the eye during intercourse. Which one do YOU prefer?

What if it’s not working?

If stimulating her g-spot isn’t working, do NOT panic. It’s not your fault. I’m willing to bet your girl never had an orgasm in her entire life so don’t take it personally.

Instead, start to stimulate her clitoris as well for her to achieve a so-called blended orgasm. For example, if you’re inside of her with your penis, you can use an electric toy to stimulate her clit. Remember women respond to being stimulated from different directions at once.

23 thoughts on “G-Spot Orgasms Step By Step

  1. Great piece of info my friend! There’s a thing you should know too.

    During sex, the tissue surrounding the urethra engorged with blood and the Paraurethral / Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid. The vagina front wall becomes that sensitive spot, the “G-Spot”. In fact, this process is very similar to male arousal. As a result, the urethral sponge becomes “erect,” and if you touch it, it feels firm. In other words, this is a kind of female hard-on. It’s clear that the only difference is that it all happens inside a woman’s vagina. 😉


    • Good to know thanks
      I’ve noticed a vein of some sort comes out of tha vagina. It seems to get hard as blood is flowing , this is very difficult to work because if you rub it wrong it goes away and hides . But I think it may supply the clit with blood
      I wish I could say more but I have limited experience with it

      • Feel for it..you WILL find it!! And one more very…VERY important thing to know, she will ejaculate, me I prefer to be ready and let her ejaculate in my mouth. It has a semi-sweet taste and NO it is not urine but have her do her pee before hand.

  2. Oh , boy! I had have the best g spot orgasms with lots of lubrication!
    I never thought about it and I was showed and practice. Was so natural of me. We tried again and again. John , I felt great with you.
    Thinking now and want more))
    I will never forget him:-)

    • Wendy, have your man ride up high doggie style and he will hit your gspot all the time u will squirt all your cum that way it feel so good

  3. A woman may feels like she needs to urinate when she’s about to acheive a g-spot orgasm…she won’t urinate, if she pushes through that feeling she will acheive a g-spot orgasm

  4. You should hold her lips open with index and ring finger palm facing up while middle finger is inserted and rubbing g-spot firm up and down and around in circles while you lick her clitoris and leaves you with a free hand to massage breasts or? And she will cum so hard,and trust me

  5. Hi im a bisexual and its been weeks since me and my girl having sex and i want to suprise her by fingering her this time she has given me so many orgasms so i want to give her the pleasure also but i have short fingers what should i do to make her enjoy ?

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