How to Give Her The Fuck of Her Life

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Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: giving a woman a fuck she’ll remember isn’t necessarily about making her orgasm or ejaculate or whatever. It’s nice if you can do that, but not mandatory.

A good fuck is all about having a kick-ass foreplay and being hardcore in the grand finale. This way she’ll remember you as a man who can take care of his woman as well as one who understands her needs.

It’s like having a big dick: most women don’t need it to achieve orgasm, in fact, sexual intercourse with one will hurt. But they all want one just because it’s BIG.

Same with being hardcore in bed instead of just using your fingers to try to make them cum (very hard it it’s your first time with her). You give it to her really good so she’ll have something to think about the following days.

But how, exactly?

Well, it’s not that hard. I basically told you the 2 essential steps but I want to make them a bit clearer.

The crucial thing is to know how to transition between them. You can’t go from foreplay to hardcore sex in a matter of seconds. You need to transition.

Let’s start from the beginning.


I’ve already given you my best foreplay tips here so I won’t repeat myself. You may want to rush some of those techniques, such as massaging and dirty talking. This is your first time with her so there’s already a lot of anticipation. You CAN create even more if you want to but I found that it’s not really necessary.

Foreplay games that involve unusual items are great, though. Think banana,s whip cream, using a scarf to blindfold her or a belt to tie her hands behind her back. Anything that show’s you’re a “perv” but without actually being one in the real sense of the word.

With foreplay it’s important to switch between being intense and being slow and relaxed. For instance, you may want to gently kiss her back for a few minutes, slowly touch her breasts with the tips of your fingers, then switch to grabbing her boobies with both your and and squeezing them tight.

What you’re doing here is being unpredictable, a key ingredient to amazing sex.


As I said, you can’t just go from foreplay to hardcore sex. You need to transition smoothly… or not so smoothly if she’s already heated up from foreplay.

To test, start to penetrate her slowly, then speed up for 5 to 10 seconds. Then do this again after a minute, only this time keep it up for 20 seconds.

After you do this 3-4 times, you’re ready for the final stage

The fuck of her life

You know what to do here. Give it to her good and stop worrying whether she will orgasm or not. Worry about you not cumming too soon because the longer you last, the more she’ll appreciate you. Look her straight in the eye from close distance while you’re doing it. Pull her hair while you give it to her doggy style. Slap her ass as harder and harder until it gets all red. And, most of all – this is super important – make sure you do NOT ejaculate. If you do, it’s game over and all your efforts will go down the drain.


And it’s not just one but here, there are several.

You need to see if she’s enjoying this. If not, maybe she just doesn’t like it rough. That’s ok, use this strategy with other women.

You also need to make sure she’s lubricated enough. If not, have some lube handy that you can use.

Lastly, you need to differentiate between her moaning from pleasure or from pain. If she’s clearly not enjoying herself (and she’s only doing this for your sake), it’s time to try a different sexual position.

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32 thoughts on “How to Give Her The Fuck of Her Life

    • Frist have her give a blow job or fuck her so u get ur frist nut out n u be good when u go fuck try rub her clit helps gettin u focusing on rub with index finger and middel you start seeing her enjoy it alot n builds ur pride n confidence up more to not even wanna cum cause u make her feeling like she in heaven if u in missionary then lift her both legs up and put them on ur shoulders like her knees on them and you’ll be able to to go deeper then n other postition it’s my favorite one cause every girl I do it to loves it I’m 25 years old n slept with bout 50 girls n ever sense 5 yrs ago I did that position for frist time and use every time I end up being there best fuck ever jus cause I give them orgasms n only have close to 6 in dick n I allways thought it small mabey cuz tl watch porn n see bigger n fatter so idk why every girl b sayin I’m the best ever n biggest I think it really this postion n feels so good for her and ur self fight urge to cum even if u do jus pull out n nut then stick right back in I stay hard after the frist nut do not let it rest jus cum n right back idk how it the has to b the position jus cause ur confidence is so up cause she will love cause it goes deep u see her moaning n sometimes shaken if u fuck her fast n then slow try n rub her clit and then lick ur finger so it nice n to rub that clit uselly might be dry rub it fast n she goin love it also while u fuck her the legs iver for like 10 15 secs every 1 min twirl u hip clock wise so the tip ur dick can twirl her inside ur mind will be off of even wanting come until she wants u to then u jus stare in her eyes n kiss her neck mouth I had lot of experience n figured out how to give every girl I been with n more to come being the duck of there life promise jus what I siad do the legs on shoulders for nice n deep twirle ur hip clock wise ever min for 15 sec then counter clock wise also keep switch then pound it hard for good 5 10 secs then switch back to hit kind slow not slow like a normal past while rubin that clit if what also work if u feel like u need a come after some of those steps jus pull out n eat that pussy like u hungry or a dog jus smothing ur nought n jus lick itt like a heavy type way for a good 5 ,10secs then like that clit pretty much how u used ur fingers while u fucked her don’t be gently at all with that click trust put lil pressure n then switch to a normal lick but fast then the fast up down lck mabey practice while reading this if u can’t wiggle tounge fast if u finger her at all make sure u put u finger in Palm face up one finger only in jus 1 to 2 inch n feel for a kind ruff rassin type a feel that spot is her g spot swear if u jus move u jus leave only 1 to 2 inch in don’t fuck her with ur finger find that rasin type of grip n kind like curl ur finger from her inside out jus inside out do not pull out ur finger that there will make get that spot hot n ready n horny so much then stick it right back n do those steps over n over with her every time srry for long story jus hard to explain had to goin to detail lol I’m only on hear to mabey find something to add to list cause I been doin these steps for long time kinda get in sick of it but she will not ever b lol mabey take a perk n jus give it to her for 2 hrs if u wanna get her to come over n over few time i do cause it like thee best haveing a girl cum 5 to 10 times cause u fuck her like rabbit none stop speed no come jus hard pounding very funny to do time to time good luck man remember it’s what u. Can do to her not how long u can last man I fuck girls some times for jus 3 ,5,10 mins n jus those 4 things I do make her in love wantING more n more of u n is pleased every time even if u don’t make her cum no bullshit ..later man I’m out her good luck

      • Man, you are certifiably retarded!!! My down syndrome sister in law can type a more legible story than your stupid ass. I feel sorry for your parents. Kill yourself before your stupid ass knocks up a woman and makes more retards.

    • When you insert cock in pussy give gentle stroke stop a while…do not pull cock outside…give again strokes….when you observe ejection will be there then fuck very hard…do not care…she should move from position…give such hard stroke…wife like this even they they cry.

      you have to fuck daily at least for three days. If possible fuck for two times….at night & early in the morning.

      if you are fucking continuously sensation of the penis becomes less & on the third day you can fuck your wife longer.
      I fuck my wife like this from nine years….many times she suggest to sleep naked and fuck for the second time.

      Even fuck her in the afternoon on holiday. I fuck my wife in afternoon also…initially she was not ready..but i fucked… regularly she gets fucked in afternoon also willingly from me.

      Our wife is for our fucking hence fuck continuously…it is god gift.

    • You have to think other things when doing sex so you will not cum too fast ..dont concentrate on pleasure when doing sex.

  1. Everything you say is true. I have had women come back to me because, ” I was the best”
    Foreplay and the transition is imperative. If its our first time together, relaxation is important. If you’re like a heat seeking moisture missile, give it up! Kissing is the best, if you’re a good kisser and take your time.
    Then the bedroom, kiss her all over while removing her cloths, lay her on her stomach and kiss and lick from her ankles to her neck. Resting your manhood against her while you kiss her neck.
    Roll her over with a nudging and start from her head to her toes. Kissing around her area. Then back up for the light licking and kissing of her other lips.
    And if she tries to invite you in before this time……. stay your course of action…. When it comes time, just allow the head to penetrate slowly several times. Pull out and kiss her more. find her again and go beyond the head just a little.. pull out and go back down…… repeat until deep inside, go slow building and take your time. If you ejaculate to fast and have no control, you’ve become just another guy that can’t control yourself.

  2. I don’t have these problems because if she wants more(lets do it again) I could cum many times until she says”i love you”.no joke

  3. Make the wife complete naked. Make many kisses…put finger in pussy rub it gently for 5-10 minutes. Ask wife to rub your cock gently. Gently rub hip & boobs of wife. Suck the boobs to maximum. If you do this pussy become wet lubricated….put cock in pussy….make sure…it is gone inside….even you can ask wife to place it inside perfectly…than make the strokes lighter….rub the boobs gently…do not make hurry. ..stop awhile again give strokes…and finally give very hard strokes…do not care whether she cry…just fuck after you complete take wife close to you kiss her again say you have enjoyed a lot…

    keep him & you naked…again fuck him in the midnight or at early morning some times my wife ask to sleep naked and fuck for the second time in the nnight.

  4. I would have to disagree with this post. There is not right way to fuck every woman. A mans best bet (if he has the balls, which few men do) is TALK TO HER ABOUT IT!!. Ask her what she likes and doesn’t like, what she will and won’t do, where she likes doing it and doesn’t, what she has not done sexually but wants to, etc. You could even go as specific as the type of orgasms she has and hasn’t experienced, and how long it takes her to orgasm. This article is correct in saying that orgasms are not the most important part of sex. The most important part of sex is knowing what your woman likes, and doing it! Communication is essential in every aspect of a relationship, including sex. Some men think women will take asking her those questions as a sign of weakness or lack of skill, but that is FALSE. Women see those questions being asked as a sign of caring, and wanting to make her happy.

  5. Just make sure ur lady is neat, both of u can take ur bath, then make a gud romance with her, suck her clit, spread her well, suck her boobs, make her get aroused, continue like that for like 10mins, make sure u suck out some fluid frm her cunt, proceed to start slotin ur dik deep gently, thrust hard and relax, pull dick out a little, then sink it deep in and thrust, when it feels like cuming u control ur breath, sometimes u keep water very close to u for drinking, u can fuck her two rounds without knwing. I use to fuck two round and my dick will not slack.

  6. I got 7 inch long cock… it is neat but my gf won’t suck it properly… I can’t get more time with it… Plz help me

  7. I have always been able to satisfy my girlfriends by eating their pussies good, long, and hard, is what they like. My first girlfriend taught me how to eat her pussy, and I became really good at it. I used almost the same techniques with my second girlfriend, and she also absolutely loved it. You can make them cum many times, and then finally orgasm, most of the times. Be sure to have KY jelly on hand. The technique is mostly the same on all women, however, each women will tell you what she likes. Listen to her. Your dick will NEVER satisfy a women as much as you eating her pussy. This is just fact.

  8. You said “do not ejaculate”… is that to say, “do not ejaculate early”? or “do not ejaculate (at all)”?
    More (if not most) of the women (not girls) I’ve “known” are almost as excited about the “money shot” as I am.
    I just want to read you right here.

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