How to Stimulate The Clitoris (Clitoral Stimulation)

female clitoris

In case you’re not up to speed with this, there are basically 2 ways to give woman an orgasm (through vaginal stimulation and through clitoral stimulation). Some of the modern-day Cassanovas have the ability to bring a woman to orgasm without stimulating her in-between her legs. But we’ll leave those cases for another time.

The easiest orgasm you can give to your woman is, of course, the clitoral orgasm, through the stimulation of the clitoris.

Since the clitoris is partly outside of the vagina, it’s easier for you to touch and stimulate it in any way that you want BUT…

you have to be careful… the clitoris is also a very very sensitive organ. It has over 8 000 nerve endings in the clitoral head (the one you’ll be stimulating) so you have to be extremely cautious.

Now, let’s take it one step at a time. I’ll show you how to successfully stimulate your girl (or girls) and give them a clitoral orgasm they won’t forget anytime soon.

Step 1: foreplay

I already discussed this huge topic so I’ll just mention it here. They key to any orgasm is a great foreplay. Girls turn a lot harder than men. It takes time and patience.

Even though a woman can skip foreplay when she’s masturbating (and can reach orgasm in 2-3 minutes), she won’t be able to achieve that when she’s with you. So you can’t skip this important step. Instead, learn to become a master at it.

Step 2: start massaging (and use plenty of lubrication)

Before you touch her clit, make sure you use plenty of lube. This will allow for better stimulation. The best lube for clitoral stimulation is grape seed oil but, if you’re thinking of penetrating her with your penis later (and use a condom), it’s best to use a water-based lubricant.

The problem with oil-based lubricants is that they can cause condoms to break every once in a while. But if you’re only looking to penetrate her with your fingers and sex toys, you can go ahead and use an oil-based lubricant.

Step 3: the movements

Now that she’s turned on and she has enough lubrication, start playing with your fingers on her clitoris. Make sure you have your finger nails trimmed to avoid screwing everything up.

With your index and middle finger, perform a light rotating motion on her clitoris. Don’t move fast, give her time to let anticipation and “sexual stress” build inside of her.

After a few minutes you may go ahead and use your tongue to perform either that same rotative motion, or some others (like an up-and-down motion).

Final tip

When you’re stimulating her clitoris with mouth, make sure you don’t blow too much air from your nose on it. This will only cause her clitoris to dry out.

When you see that happen, apply more lube to keep everything going smooth.

Clitoral stimulation isn’t done just with her sitting on her back. You can ask her to stand on her hands and knees (like in the doggy style position). This will make it harder for you to perform oral sex but it’s still a good position.

You can also try having her stand on her knees while you come from behind and massage her clit with your hands coming in from the front.

Lastly, the old 69 position is great for clitoral stimulation.

You should change positions every 4-5 minutes or so but when you notice she’s getting closer to orgasm, you’ll probably want to switch to the initial position (her lying on her back). This is allow for the strongest orgasm.

A small video

I wasn’t sure if YouTube allowed posting of videos about sex on it but, lucky for us, I found a really cool one that will teach you more about the clitoris. Enjoy!

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