Let’s Have A Chat About “Value”

guy making a group laugh

We know so much about women and yet,
the closest we got to knowing what women want is…


Kind of vague, isn’t it?

Dating gurus are fighting to demystify it
and they still haven’t reached a common agreement.

And I get that. But here’s what I don’t get.

Value can mean different things to different girls.
Why would one think that being funny and challenging
is all it takes to build value?

Value is not just something you bring
to the table in the moment, guys.

Ever thought about building long-term value?
You know, for long-term relationships.
(Read, long-term fvck buddy…)

I’m gonna explain what I mean in a minute
but first, let me

Here’s the death trap of building value…

Most guys think that the only way to building value
is by putting a lot of energy into being fun and challenging…

And they end up creeping girls out and feeling
like s*hit on the inside. Ever happened to you?

Well, that’s what happens when you’re someone you’re not.

News flash: you have to bring YOUR OWN
value to the table.

Yeah, you read that right. Just like there is no “universal game”
and you should have your own style of hunting
and seducing women, same goes for building value.

In other words, there are things about you
that will do more to build value in the eyes of a girl
than anything else you may have read on the subject.

To give you my own personal example,
I built value with these two chicks a couple of weeks ago
by saying nothing and acting aloof.

Yeah, I was dressed to stand and I had a killer haircut…

But I built value in a way that nobody else will teach you.

While all the other guys were hitting on them,
I would just sit in front of them looking away…

I would only make eye contact for short periods of time,

Counter-intuitive, huh? But it worked, because I was
acting like a guy who’s getting laid all the time
and who’s not looking for sex.

I was basically saying: “I’m a guy who’s not a loser
who’s constantly getting rejected by women, in fact,
I’m extremely picky and unapproachable.”

And that’s exactly what the second girl who
approached me opened with:

Why are you so unapproachable?

Value can mean a lot of things. Among others:

– fun, yes
– challenging, yes

but there are others, that may be unique to you, like:

– a great smile (if you have great teeth,
get them whitened and show them – everyone loves a great smile)

– knowledge!! Yes, some topics are extremely valuable, such as
cars (women find that soo sexy), cooking, psychology,
luxury and fine living and, yes, SEX.

– travelling (you’ve probably visited a lot of amazing places
but, if you don’t talk about your trips, you’re wasting
some quality a$$, buddy)

– hobbies. Cars, motorcycles, tattoos, extreme sports,
skiing, ice skating… even if the girl isn’t into some of your hobbies,
she WILL enjoy hearing all the cool things about them

– being a good listener. As I said before, keeping your mouth shut
and listening to the girl will make you very valuable
if you’re the introvert type. If up until now you’ve been freaked out
or even depressed that you’re too low energy, two words for you:
Accept that you’re an introvert and build your entire game foundation
from there.

Now, I want to talk to you about one of the most
controversial forms of values. One that most dating coaches

It’s money.

Wanna know why money gets such a bad rap
when it comes to dating and seducing women?

Because, in large quantities, it only works on gold diggers.

Now, while I agree to this, I do believe that money
can help you get quality girls, if you know how to use it.

If you already have some money, don’t be afraid
to show it or talk about it.

Maybe you have a business at which you slaved
day and night for the past 3 years.

Now, that biz is working and you’re proud of it.
(And so am I, as a matter of fact.)

Because it show you have guts to make it on your own
and that’s what real women are looking for:
bold, ambitious men who want the best in life.

As long as you don’t talk about money like a douchebag,
it can work wonders with ANY type of girl.

Why? Because not all girls want to spend your money.
Girls are attracted to money just like all guys are…

When you brag with your money to your buddies,
do your buddies want to spend your money?

Heck no. They might be jealous but they’re still want
to make it on their own. They don’t want YOUR money.

That’ exactly how quality girls think. Get it?

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to talk about money
in a way that conveys you’re a mature man
who’s in control over his life.

How do you convey that? There are lots of ways, in fact:

– start wearing a nice watch. Make sure it’s not fake, though

– start wearing formal clothing and accessories (dress shirts,
slim ties, cufflinks etc.)

– start hanging out in cooler clubs and restaurants
(where you will meet girls who they themselves have money)

and on and on.

Now, I repeat. Do this only if you have money.
You don’t want to trick girls into thinking you’re rich,
that will always come back and bite you.

Now, before I leave you, I should tell you
that there are other ways of value to girls
that YOU have right now and you don’t even know it.

I’ve given you plenty of examples, now it’s time
to look at your own life and find them

Maybe you have some crazy friends?

Even though I’m an introvert, I have a few such buddies
and I always tell girls all the crazy stuff they did in college.

And it works. This raises my value almost as if
I was the one doing all that stuff!

Whatever they are, think long and hard about them.
It’s time to put them on a piece of paper

Now let’s get’em.

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