Secrets to making her laugh and getting into her panties

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You’ve probably heard this a lot of times:

Make her laugh. Women love to laugh!

I also bet you’ve heard this a few times as well:

Dude, I’m not making any girl laugh. I’m no clown. I’m a real man, being authentic and upfront about sex is what gets them into bed.

There’s a lot of CONFUSION on whether humor works with girls or not, and I’m here to set things straight.

People who are usually in favor or against this or that way of getting girls usually see the world only through their own eyes. If they’re not naturally funny, they assume everyone should be like them and focus on THEIR strengths in order to game chicks.

Well, guess what? THEIR strengths aren’t necessarily YOUR strengths.

Humor is in fact an incredible way to get girls not just into bed, but into relationships. Being funny helps a lot in shaping up a charismatic personality that gets them thinking about you over and over again.

Yes, humor may not be for you but, then again, why wouldn’t you want to try something new?

Today I want to literally give you away two of my best kept secrets that I personally used to seal the deal with pretty much every girl I f@cked.

And I’m not doing that just because you can take these 2 secret weapons and use them in bars, clubs, at day game or on your sister’s girlfriends.

I want to prove to you that making girls laugh is super, super easy. It just takes practice and, soon enough, you’ll wake up that pretty much anything you say will be hysterical.

So, here it is: number 1 secret: PAY ATTENTION

This is by far the best piece of advice anyone can give you about humor. The best jokes you can ever make are CONTEXTUAL, i.e. related to the situation you’re in.

Hint: to make this work, you have to be in the PRESENT MOMENT. You gotta have both your eyes wide open and notice each and every little thing the girl says or does or wears.

Pay attention not just to her, look around and see what other couples are seated next to you. Or maybe there’s a weird guy walking past you. Or a car with a funny logo on it.

Humor, just like sex, is everywhere. You just have to “tune in” to that frequency and PAY ATTENTION.


Before we move further with the other secret, I’d like you to do what I teach all my sensual hunters to do: think.

Although the advice may seem simple, you gotta let it sink in. Because it’s gonna take some practice and I don’t want you to feel discouraged after you sit around for 2 minutes and you don’t notice anything funny.

Accept the fact that it’s gonna take you at least 2-3 days of active work to start seeing outside the matrix.

Promise? Perfect. You’re ready to hear the secret number 2 to making girls laugh and fall for you (or your d1ck): TARGET THE HUMOR AT OTHER PEOPLE.

Well, truth be told, making fun of the girl si a great way to increase attraction tot he point she’s dripping wet. But that’s just too easy.

Too many guys turn into ass-holes and lose the girl because they bombard her with jokes… about her. I should know because I was one of them.

More often than not, the joke was on me (pun intended): another girl lost from overconfidence.

So here lies secret number 2: make fun of strangers. The world is full of whacos – there is no way you will run out of things to say on a date if you just remember the funny (and stupid) things some people do.

Maybe you saw a compilation of the dumbest things people did last year. Or a friend of a friend did it. Or a guy across the street is doing it right now.

Make fun of them. Make fun of her, from time to time. And never make fun of YOU unless it makes you look good at the end an it sub-communicates that your self-esteem levels are sky-high.

Now, as you probably imagined, we only scratched the surface with this. Nevertheless, I’m 100% convinced that I increased EXPONENTIALLY your chances of becoming a super-funny guy.

One thought on “Secrets to making her laugh and getting into her panties

  1. Cool, really this is one of my challenges, it’s a very serious guy, I’ve been trying to be more charismatic, more fun and funny, but it seems not to be so easy in practice, But I’ll try to apply these ideas to see if it improves my mood. Provide more tension on the talking can really help, since we can play with something casual situational, every moment can heads good opportunity to be more relaxed. What else I think will have a good mood and be funny, is that if you can break the ice easier, helps to break that tension between agent and the girl.

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