The 5 Shittiest Problems That Prevent You From Getting Laid

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Ok, so I used the word “shitty” right in the darn title of this article. Big deal. I have a reason for it.

Here it is: I used to SUCK with girls to the point that I would get super nervous when I knew an interaction was inevitable.

And now? I just got called by a 3rd dude today specifically for my talents with getting girls. I may not be the best but know my stuff. I got rid of those shitty problems and I want the same for you in this article.

The reason you have them is because you can’t put a name to them. You can’t express them in words. I’m not only gonna do that, but I’m also gonna spoonfeed you the solution.

Issue #1: She don’t want no short dick man

The funny thing is, I’m listening to that song right now as part of a mix on an online radio I like. In all seriousness, the fact that you have (or that you THINK you have) a smaller than average penis is holding you back. And it shouldn’t.

Here’s the thing. A hunter doesn’t care what the prey thinks. If you’re hunting a deer, does the deer care about the size of your rifle?

Na-ha! And that’s exactly how a lot of the guys who are really good with women THINK: I’m there to fuck her, she knows that, if I do it, I win and I get to have an orgasm. You have to be a little selfish, in this case, at least. And not to give a rat’s ass.

Look, a girl will get upset if you lie to her about being married or having a kid. She’ll be pissed if you have a girlfriend. Or if you let go inside her without using protection.

But she will NOT be pissed of you having a small penis. Especially if you don’t give a damn. A small penis just means that it’s harder to give her an orgasm. But you know what, that’s hard as heck anyway. Unless you’ve got SKILL. Which has nothing to do with the size of… you know what.

So here’s what I need you to do: for a while, focus exclusively on what you want. Forget what she wants. Focus on getting her into the sack. And you’ve got a lot of work to do in that area.

In fact, do this: visualize you getting her soaking wet in your bed, then revealing your small penis. Imagine her being a little disappointed, then see yourself grabbing her with one had by her ass and the other by the back of her head, then giving it to her hardcore. She won’t care, she’ll let you fuck her.

Issue #2: How do I open? I freeze out

Yeah, I was there. And you know why? Because back then I was an average Joe, living off my parent’s money, with no car and nothing to be proud of in my life.

That changed right now and, as a result, my confidence skyrocketed. The fact of the matter is, the opener doesn’t matter that much. Any cheesy opener you can find online can work, provided that you have the value to allow you to continue the conversation.

You see, when you have things going for you, when you have a sold lifestyle, you’ll know what to say after the opener. And if you can take any initial rejection and turn it around, you’ll get laid like a rockstar.

Truth be told, I STILL get rejected a lot. But I know how to handle that and I get girls interested. For me, personally, my openers are hit and miss. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

So, how do you open?

I usually go direct at day game and with something funny in clubs. I found that works best for me as well as for my buddies. You’re free to try anything else, of course.

Chasing a girl and saying “Hi” is not that big of a deal but being funny in clubs takes practice, spirit of observation and imagination.

The last time I went to a club, a few days ago, a buddy of my had a lollipop. We ended up next to some girls and he literally took the candy out of his mouth, put it in one of the girl’s glass and then back in his mouth. Needless to say, the girls were cracking up.

Issue #3: They’re only want me as a friend

Been there, done that. I spent dozens and dozens of hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t fuck these girls, when it was obvious they were already fucking douchebags who had worse “game” than I did.

As it turns out, it all comes back to the value factor. If you’re just a guy who knows how to make a girl laugh, that can get her talking with you for 20 minutes but that’s it. She doesn’t see you as high status and she slowly looses interest.

But if the same dude has a friend who’s a DJ, one friend who has a motorcycle, he dresses stylishly, he’s makes the best cocktails on a 10 mile radius and always has people calling hi, guess what: that girl’s panties will get wetter and wetter as she discovers all these things about you… one by one.

So the solution to issue #2 is this: work on your lifestyle while still practicing your game.

Issue #4: These chicks aren’t answering my phone-calls and are not replying to my texts

Do you think that would happen if you were a DJ at one of your local clubs? This goes back to value. I’m giving you the same advice that I’ve already given you twice so far: improve your lifestyle.

There are literally a million things to do to solve this. And once you work on these things, all the things you’ve learned so far about women and dating will magically start to work.

Now, if they’re not answering, there is also something concrete you can do: give them a break. A long one preferably, before you try again.

Let me tell you this story that will prove that giving a girl more space that she needs is beneficial.

A few months ago I picked up this smoking hot party girl in the middle of the street. It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon. We went on a date and, although I didn’t manage to kiss her (very rare for me), she was really into me.

Anyhow, I screw up with her and she wouldn’t answer my calls. So what did I do? A few months later (that was 2 days ago) I found her on Facebook and added her as a friend.

She was online and we immediately started laughing. It was on again. She even apologized for not answering saying she has phone issues. That’s an obvious lie but it’s her way of saying Let’s give this another try.


What’s YOUR biggest problem that’s preventing you from scoring with women? Leave a comment below – we can definitely help you get rid of it FAST and get more women and sex in your life.

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  1. I’m a 40-year old virgin still living in my parent’s house. I’m struggling to pay off my college loans, plus the cost of living has made it too difficult to just pack up and leave. Move in with a friend? They all got married and moved away years ago, my social life has vanished. I’m at my wit’s end and I’m emotionally depressed.

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