The Best Day Game Opener?

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I figured that, since I’m answering questions over e-mail to my customers, I could help others who didn’t (yet) purchase by making my answers public… well, some of them.

Here’s what one happy customer writes:

I want you to give me 2 openers which I can use every time. One “direct neutral” and one

Let me give you the types of situations where I need a conversation starter:

1. I am in out shopping/in a mall/ in a library
2. Walking on street
3. Waiting at a bus stop or travelling next with someone I want to approach

When you give me openers please understand women here are shit scared of strangers approaching
them be it day or night. So when you suggest openers please remember I must not come across
creepy, awkward/ needy or desperate/shady.

My answer:

Hey, man, your questions are very specific and I’m glad they are. It shows you’re really committed to figuring out talking to girls in the street.

Meeting girls out in the street is one of my favorite ways to get quality girls. Clubs are usually fully of chick who are less inclined towards relationships and more to sex.

Yes, I know girls are afraid of strangers. You never know what kind of weirdo approaches you in the street and you never know his intentions, right?

Back when I was a newbie it took me a while to figure this out on my own. I would stop girls in the street and open with something funny but that NEVER worked for me.

And it makes sense: why would a complete stranger stop you to tell you that your dress makes you look fat?

It’s unnatural. Hence, their responses were always negative. And I felt clueless because I knew it was possible to meet girls this way because they were dating guys who were less attractive than me.

I thought it was my looks but, as it turned out, it was my approach.

There is a place and time to be witty but let’s talk about stopping girls as they’re walking.

This is how I roll these days – I find it’s the easiest way to meet women.

So I use an direct-neutral opener. Here’s what I say. I walk up to them and I tell them:

Hey, sorry to bother you – I’ll be quick. I was parking my car and I saw you passing by – I wanted to see if cute

Now, before you run off and use it word for word (which WILL work), let’s deconstruct it real quick and see what’s going on here.

First off, you’re starting off by apologizing? WTF?

Yes, that’s exactly how you should start. Girls are creeped out by strangers and the fastest way to counteract that is to act like someone who’s NOT creepy.

NOTE: you are NOT giving away your power by doing this. Instead, you’re showing them you understand the social situation and you’re making it easier for the both of you.

OK, moving on.

The second thing that I do that is optional is I tell them I’ll make it quick. By this time they’re probably thinking that we know each-other from somewhere or that she lost her umbrella. WRONG! Hehe.

By telling them you’ll make it quick (which is, in fact, the truth) you’ll make them feel even more safe. Cause you’re a stranger and you’ll be gone within seconds or minutes.

Get this. When you’re telling someone you’ll be leaving soon, there’s a strong and unconscious feeling that develops inside of them that tells them you’ll leave them and they have something to lose. That way you become (to a certain degree) someone who they want. Powerful stuff, man.

The 3rd element of the opener is you telling them what you were doing .This also helps dissipate the weirdness in the air from the initial approach. You were actually doing something, NOT stalking her. You’re a busy man who has a LIFE.

Finally, the 4th element is rather neutral. This is because you don’t want to show too much interest. You want to see IF she’s cute, you’re not telling her she IS cute.

So there you go: a perfectly good day-game opener with an extremely high success rate. This is designed to work in the strangest of situations, when there’s no other way to talking to her.

Now, if you’re waiting in line with her, things are easier. You can be witty/funny because it’s ok to be that way.

Of course you have to be a little more spontaneous and, to be that way, you have to have a high sex drive and be able to make sexual/funny remarks.

The last time this happened I was the first in line at the supermarket and this cute girl was right behind me. The woman at the cash register asked me to put my pin twice (first time was wrong) so I mislead the conversation by saying:

Are you charging me twice for what I’m purchasing?

Both the woman and the girl started laughing but, as you can tell, there really isn’t any way I can deconstruct this one. It was just on the spot and coming up with stuff like this depends on two things:

– your sexuality (you’ll notice guys who are not good or not that interested in women can never come up with things like these to say)

– and practice, which is up to you

Good luck!

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