Multiple Orgasms The Easy Way

woman during intercourse

Quick question: what’s the easiest way to give a woman 2 orgasms in a row?

Don’t Google-cheat on this one!

Ready? Let’s see your answer.

Mine is: “First you give her a clitoral orgasm, then follow up with a vaginal one”. It’s really simple if you think about it. Let me explain.

It’s way easier for a woman to experience orgasm through the stimulation of the clitoris. It’s out there easy to touch and to play around with.

Did she already experience a clitoral orgasm with you? Good, because the next step is where most guys screw up.

You don’t just rush into the next orgasm (which should be vaginal). You have to let her rest. Let her enjoy the first one for a bit.

Now the resting part is very important. It doesn’t have to bee too long. You have to start the actual intercourse after 1-2 minutes of rest TOPS.

No less than 1 minute. No more than 2 minutes. No cuddle.

That’s right. She’s already turned. You don’t have to start from scratch all over again. Instead, you should just go inside her and give her the second orgasm, the vaginal one.

Simple, right? Let’s 2 a small recap.

Step 1: give her a clitoral orgasm
Step 2: rest for 1-2 minutes
Step 3: continue with the vaginal orgasm

You can see this as a blueprint if you want.

But what if you want to give her even more orgasms? Step 4 and beyond. The rest of the blueprint looks something like this:

Step 4: vaginal orgasm
Step 5: vaginal orgasm
Step 6: vaginal orgasm
… and so on.

You don’t go back to the clitoral orgasm. Just repeat step 3 as many times as you can. And make sure you give her time to rest between the steps to really enjoy each and ever orgasm.

Now this blueprint is very general. It starts off with the clitoral stimulation to cover women who have a harder time reaching orgasms. But if your girl is the “orgasmic” type then, by all means, start directly with vaginal and/or G-spot stimulation.

Stimulating her clitoris is something you can’t go wrong with. All women respond to it. This is why it’s better to s tart with it especially in the beginning when you don’t know each other that much.

Female Orgasm in Brodmann Brain Regions

Here’s a neat little video that shows the woman’s brain as she approaches orgasm.

And here’s a quote from the video’s description so you know what’s going on. Oh, and please mute the video, the soundtrack is awful.

This animation shows the functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, brain data of a participant experiencing an orgasm and the corresponding relationships seen within these different regions based on utilization of oxygen levels in the blood. 20 snapshots in time of the fMRI data are taken from a 7 minute sequence. Over the course of the 7 minutes the participant approaches orgasm, reaches orgasm and then enters a quiet period.Oxygen utilization levels are displayed on a spectrum from dark red (lowest activity) to yellow/white (highest). As can be observed, an orgasm leads to almost the entire brain illuminating yellow, indicating that most brain systems become active at orgasm…


If this is your first time with a particular girl, don’t expect her to have 5 orgasms and 2 ejaculations with you. It will happen in time and through practice. Even though she trusts you enough to have sex with you, this doesn’t mean she’ll reach orgasm the first time.

It’s all in her mind. She has to get accustomed to the new male having sex with her (a.k.a. you). After that a few lovemaking sessions, there is no telling how many orgasms she can have in only one night.

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