The Lollipop

a girl and a lollipop

Why do we delay to try things that others swear they work for years and years? We end up banging our heads against the wall for not doing it sooner and for losing dozens and dozens of good interactions with girls.

Because the lollipop… it’s just one of those things that gets women to approach you. Here’s what happened.

A couple of nights ago I went out with this new friend of mine that I made in the club (friend of a friend of a friend). We go to a nearby store and he buys a lollipop. I figured it was a little too much, but then he went on to tell me how a lot of girls will just try and pull it out of his mouth.

We went into the club and, to my surprise, that small piece of candy drew a lot more attention than I expected. No girl touched it, however something happened that night that convinced me to try it for myself.

We ended up side by side with these two girls who had drinks in their hands. So what does my buddy do? He takes his lollipop, dips it into one of the girl’s drink, then puts it back into his mouth.

The girls were cracking up and I was in shock. It was working.

Fast forward 3 days later. Last night. I went into the club and joined my buddies, as I’m really lazy when it comes to getting on time in clubs. These cute girls were dancing next to us and my buddies were desperately trying to get their attention. Not the best wingmen but true party animals.

The hotter girl acts uninterested but the other one keeps looking at while laughing. Naturally, we start talking while I was sucking on my lollipop. She starts blowing smoke in my face 3 times, then she starts asking me all sorts of stuff.

She wasn’t as hot as I wanted her to be so I throw her a few jokes just to not seem like a cold jerk. At some point she pulls the lollipop OUT OF MY MOUTH (boy was my buddy right about this), with both hands, and throws it on the floor. I was starting to get annoyed at that time.

Next thing I know? She was literally dragging me out of the club to buy me a new one. We ended up fucking around, though not fucking, with he asking me all sorts of questions and trying to game me. Which she could not, because I didn’t like her.

Yet, my lesson was learned: sucking lollipops in clubs works like magic. You might not want to start sucking on it when you walk in. Maybe the bouncer will recognize you after 3 or 4 nights and tell you to stop, who knows. Like any deadly weapon, you want to be careful with your lollipop and use it wisely.

But do use it.

And just to get you into the mood to actually try this really awesome trick, here’s Lil Wayne and his song, Lollipop.

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