What if SHE Approaches You?

girl talking with guy

I didn’t actually think of doing this last night when I was approached by this hot girl, but I can see how this can be a problem for some guys.

Every so often a girl will approach you, wanting to meet you. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times it’s not. The fact of the matter is, this is a different ball game and you need to know how to play it.

Let’s start with a few facts.

Fact #1: the girl will most likely not be hotter than you.

That’s right. Just like we want to be and approach with women who are out of our league, girls will do the same. They can get an average guy all day long so, if she’s approaching you, she might not be all that you want in a woman.

On a side note, that hot girl that you DO want is probably standing at the other side of the bar checking you out. She will never come.

I found that all the girls that approach me are one night stand material for me. So I treat them accordingly.

Fact #2: forget your usual game, it might mot work.

Why do I say that? Because if she’s already interested, you don’t need to create that much attraction or to act cocky. In fact, I found that acting cocky with girls who approach me will almost KILL the conversation.

If she’s there and she’s telling you that you’re cute (like this girl told me last night), you might want to tone it down a little bit. She’s showing you she’s interested, now you have to show her the exact same thing.

This isn’t to say that you have to drop your game completely. Not by a long shot. Your skills with women will help you with any girl, that’s why you’re doing all these approaches.

But here’s the thing. She’s already there. She likes you. All you have to do is NOT screw things up.

How do you do that? You first show some interest. This will buy you some time to get to see what kind of girl she is.

She might be a party girl who likes to approach a man when she occasionally sees one. On the other hand, she might be a really shy girl who doesn’t come to the clubs often and finally got the guts to come and talk to you.

Or it could be her last night into the city and she wants to meet someone, possibly for a one night stand (my case last night, and I have to tell you talking with her… was the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life).

A big mistake guys make when a girl approaches them is they are SO surprised by this that they think she’s there to fuck immediately. So they escalate really fast and what happens? That girl who 2 minutes earlier was into them is now walking away… fast. No matter how much you try to pull her back, she’s gone. And the harder you pull, the less likely it is they’ll ever see her again.

That’s pretty much it. My advice to you: always be prepared for girls to approach you. The element of surprise plus the fact that it doesn’t happen too often is what makes guys screw this up… don’t be one of them.

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