What To Do If She Has a Boyfriend

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Don’t you just hate it when that happens? And don’t you just hate it when the “boyfriend destroyer” tactics you thought would work just don’t do the trick?

That’s right. The key word here is trick. trying to trick a woman with a simple line will only work if she’s already interested in you. And since she already said she has a boyfriend… well.. maybe she’s not ready to take of her panties… yet.

That’s where I come in. I’ve heard the “I have a boyfriend” BS so many times that I instantly know what to do. But that doesn’t just mean that I just use the right line. Nooo. Not by a long shot. I know how the entire conversation should play out. The conversation that culminates with her forgetting all about her man… at least temporarily.

If she tells you she has a boyfriend, there are a few possible causes. Not all of them are bad.

Scenario 1: She’s lying. She doesn’t have a boyfriend

This happens because she doesn’t want to look like she gives up easily (i.e. like a slut)

This happened to me a year ago when I picked this hot chick on the street. We chatted. I asked for the digits. She said she has a boyfriend. We chatted a little more. I asked for the number again. She gave me the number.

As Tyler from RSD puts it, no is not yet. Remember that.

How do you know you’re in scenario number 1? Sometimes you can figure it out just by the way she says it. She doesn’t seem convinced by the fact that she doesn’t have a man. That’s your queue to ignore that you asked the first time, keep talking, then ask again after a short while.

Do NOT tell her hey, I think you’re lying. I can tell you don’t have a boyfriend.

That’s not cool and you might lose her. Besides, you don’t want to remember that she’s single. At least not yet.

There’s also a good chance that she doesn’t have a BF, yet she can tell it in a way that conveys confidence. Hot girls are pretty good at this stuff as the way they look makes them more convincing.

If you don’t know for sure, ignore that fact and try again later. But try to lead the conversation in a direction that will let you know if she has a man or not.

For instance, you tell her how much fun you had on your last holiday, then ask her where SHE went. If she has a BF, rest assured she won’t miss the chance of her telling you about him.

Scenario #2: she HAS a boyfriend

If she does have a BF, this get tricky. She might be dissatisfied with her relationship (I actually had a girl confess to me that her current boyfriend was cheating on her and that she’s one step away form braking up.)

If that’s the case, just don’t say anything about the dude and play your own game.

But if she has a boyfriend and she seems happy with him, things get tricky. You don’t just need a few pick-up lines up your sleeve, you need a long term strategy.

The goal in this case is to present yourself as a better option than what she already has. People judge the value of things by comparison, and that goes double when it comes to judging other people.

Start by using your modjo to identify what she likes in a guy. Maybe it’s the sense of humor. Maybe it’s confidence.

The second step is to identify the things her boyfriend can’t deliver. These are actual differentiation points between you and the guy.

One of the best things to indirectly brag yourself with is that you have not just a big d**k, but one that’s arguably bigger than her boyfriends. This is just an example but women are interested in that.

This might be a little white lie on your part, but by the time she gets to see it, she’ll fall madly in love with you.

Look, if she’s talking with you (friendly talks, maybe some sex talk every now and then), then she’s 100% NOT HAPPY with her man. You just have to fin out why.

Th easiest way is to ask her, once you gain her trust. She’ll tell you. And then you just have to actively work to show her that you can fill that void.

The hard way is to deduce if from what she says about her life. Maybe she’s bored out of her mind, which could mean that her man doesn’t take her out to interesting places (in or out of the city).

Maybe she’s wearing the pants in the relationship, the guy’s a wuss, and she just needs a man.

Whatever it is, make sure you fine tune your attention to what she’s saying and how she’s acting. This doesn’t mean that you have to be like a puppy and make it all about her… but most of the interaction IS about her anyway.

Everything she says is important.

Oh, yeah, don’t forget to have fun!

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