Women Pleasure Themselves Like Crazy! What are You Going to do About it?

couple during foreplay

I texted a girl 2 nights ago:

Me: Can I ask you a personal question?
Her: Sure.
Me:Do you have orgasms? 70% of women said they never experienced one.
Her: Not as many as I should.

Quite frankly, I’m happy for her. At least she HAS orgasms. A lot of girls don’t.

But the fact that a large number of women pleasure themselves isn’t something I came up with. There are plenty of reputable studies that have shown this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

For instance, Gossard Big M Survey (who assigned voxpopuk.com to to the survey on their behalf) revealed this shocking figure:

92% pleasure themselves at least once a week!

This is HUGE.

It’s a fact that most women are not satisfied in bed but 92%? Really?

Furthermore, 65% of them do it at least 3 times a week.

If we some small calculations, we end up with the following (oversimplified) pie chart:

women masturbation chart

How does this relate with us men?

This is actually GREAT news. Here at LifestyleGod we believe sex is very important in any relationship (that girl I told you about told me the exact same thing). Do you see now how important it is to have the basics of sexual education?

Women pleasure themselves because most men can’t. Sure, it may have to do a lot with trust, comfort and so on but the stimulation techniques are really easy to master.

Things like foreplay, clitoral stimulation G-spot and A-spot stimulation are just the tip of the iceberg that will put you miles ahead most men. And if you want to go deeper (anal techniques, toys etc.)… you’ve got yourself a woman who’s sexually addicted to you.

The flip side

The flip side of women having so much “solo sex” is that they start to like it. After all, it’s quick and it releases that tension that tends to accumulate, especially in women who work a lot.

I want to to make this perfectly clear with them when you discuss this: they have to stop masturbating this much if they want to start enjoying sex with men (a.k.a you).

I’m going to give you right now the exact mindset you should have. Men have “convinced” women throughout history to have sex with them and this is no different. It’s just advanced. And super secret.

You main points (based on this study) should be:

  • That 92%. Tell it to her. No women will ever contradict you on this one.
  • Sex with a man is much better than solo, it just takes time and trust. She’ll agree with you on this one.
  • You won’t be able to give her orgasms from the first night, maybe not even from the second. But after a while she’ll find it very easy to experience “le petite mort” with you.

Wow, I guess I answered that question in the headline of this article – “What can you do about it?”.

All you have to do now is let her know just how well you understand her situation.

Whoa there, tiger! Don’t you be going out to the clubs opening unknown women with “Did you know that 92% of women masturbate at least once a week?” line. You first need to make her comfortable talking about sex with you.

The main points I presented will get you very far from a sexual standpoint but you already have to be far (as far as trust levels are concerned).

However… there are exceptions. You CAN use such a line to open women, just save it for the ones that dress like sluts. You know the type.

Even so, make sure you’ve at least made some eye contact with her. A male stranger that walks up to her and uses the word “masturbate” is just as scary as a spider. And you know how women feel about spiders. 🙂

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