The New Rules Of Peacocking


… if done right.

But for those of you who aren’t aware of what peacocking is, let’s give a quick definition first.

Peacocking is essentially wearing clothes that stand out with the direct intent to seduce women.

Initially, the old-school PUAs were wearing some pretty far fetched outfits. And, according to them, it worked. Of course, we need to keep in mind that these guys were amazing with women with or without fancy clothes.

Nevertheless, women responded to outfits such as these:

mystery and style peacoking

Now, I know what you’re saying: I wouldn’t wear that in a million years!

Not a problem! You won’t have to. We’ll get there but, for now, it suffices to say that women do respond to edgy outfits. The key word here is respond. They didn’t have to like it in order for you to get them… because they won’t be with your for your clothes, they’ll be with you for who you are.

Now, these type of clothes, such as goggles and fur hats and what not… they annoy some people, they scare others.. and they intrigue a helluva a lot of women.

But that was back then. Right now, things are different. There are outfits that are edgy yet mature. They are relaxed, yet they attract women. They have all the benefits of Mystery’s Style’s and Matador’s outfits and virtually no downsides!

Before I explain them in detail, take a look at some of them below:

peacocking with ared blazer and tatoo

grey suit and purple scarf

jacket and vest

lots of patterns and colors

patterned blaze and white pants

So what do you think? They look a lot better, don’t they?

Peacocking was just an attempt from pick-up artists who were not familiar with fashion and style to stand out. But there’s a new cowboy in town… and his name is men’s style.

To put it simply, style revives some of the old formal garments that men used to wear a while back (think the 60s, 70s and so on) but with a modern look.

Now, these outfits alone can work with women… except that some of them are a little boring. The photos above are a little different, though. They push things yet they still look manly.


Peacocking has new rules. And they’re so simple even a kid can follow them. Here they are.

Peacocking rule #1: Fit is king

Clothes should fit you like a glove. They should follow your body line closely yet you should never feel discomfort. This includes shirts and suits.

Peacocking rule #2: Accessorize

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to men’s accessories. At least not anymore. The only question is: are you geared toward casual or do you prefer something more formal?

Formal accessories are bad. Not by any means. You can wear them anywhere, including bars, clubs and first dates.

Here’s a small list of what you might want to try:

  • hats and caps
  • ties and bow ties
  • pocket squares
  • tie bars
  • colored canvas belts
  • watches
  • scarves
  • sunglasses
  • men’s bags
  • pendants
  • casual rings
  • metal and leather bracelets
  • bandanas
  • bow ties
  • and even boutonni√®res

The choice is yours. THe only thing that I ask is this: try as many as you can. They look one when on the rack and in a whole different way on you.

Peacocking rule #3: Wear some color(s)

Which colors? That’s up to you. Just remember that you can wear pretty much anything. Pink and red are a little tricky and might raise some eyebrows. Wearing too much color can do the same thing. If you don’t know where to start, do it by wearing neutral colors (black, white, gray, navy), then add drops of colors from there.

Let’s take another look at those outfits to see how these guys matched colors:

  • red, light blue, dark blue and gray
  • black, gray, light purple, purple, light blue
  • gray, light blue, brown, dark khaki
  • red, white, light blue
  • brown, light blue, white

We can come up with color combinations like these all night. To really make them work for you, decide on a few, implement them, then keep borrowing them for a few months. After that you’ll be ready to make your own combos.

Peacocking rule #4: Wear patterns

By prints I don’t necessarily mean leopard, zebra or camo (although you’re free to try these as well in limited amounts). But how about these:

  • stripes
  • checks
  • houndstooth
  • floral/paisley
  • geometric
  • polka dots

These are a lot more subtle but, combined with interesting colors they’ll definitely stand out. Be careful, though, wearing 3 or more prints at a time can be tricky.

Those 4 are the basis of any stylish outfit, no matter how much it stands out.

The first rule is mandatory. The others… only to the degree you’re comfortable with them.

And that’s the beauty of style. Anyone can do it, no matter how shy they are. While most would feel uncomfortable to wear some of the accessories Mystery did, this is something you can adjust as you evolve.

3 thoughts on “The New Rules Of Peacocking

  1. Glad this got out. the misconceptions of “original pea-cocking” from back when have led many astray; On top of that, unless you’ve got the tailored persona/identity to match, you’ll be spotted as a novice pretty well immediately. Not to say that it doesn’t work, obviously it does (when used properly and effectively) but it’s also only functional to a point. such outlandish clothing will only merit positive reaction in certain environments and takes away from the ability to be a chameleon, whereas even the loudest of suits and mens’ styles depicted above are welcomed at any social event.

    Nice article,


  2. Well put, Joker. This article is just the tip of the iceberg. Men’s fashion and style is the absolute best way to sow off masculinity, imply a stronger and more social personality and get more girls (obviously).

  3. These mostly still look like desperate men trying to create some abstruse new fashion trend; tattoos in particular should be avoided, as once the particular type loses favor, one is compelled to cover up or deal with laser removal. The dominant effect is actually counter to logic, as no intelligent person seeking a partner would dare hook up with such self-absorbed, self-indulgent sorts focused purely on preening for their insecure peers.

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